Friday, December 15

Korea Day 1 Part 3: Jeju Island The Honeymoon Island

Note: There was an evacuation in my building again...some not so smart ass put bucket loads of dry ice in the cold room over night depleting the oxygen there....went in there this about a good wake up call (10x better than coffee)...make me delayed on my work...arghhh and I wanted to leave early today..cis!

Continuation from Part 1 & Part 2

After yet another airplane trip, I'm seriusly getting a bit too sick of sitting in airplane!!! I was glad we didn't need to sit another airplane for the next 2 days since we would be staying in Jeju Island for 2 nights...phewww
First stop of the plane, we went to Mon Sok Won....(see what I mean when I said that tour groups are seriusly tiring?? they dun even give you time to rest!!!! apart from the bus journey)....Mon Sok Won is basically just a huge garden with different rocks, clay sculptures and trees (well just the trunks anyways that has been hit with lightning)...because Jeju Island is an island born out from a volcano, it seems to be a place full of rocks (very black ones too!!) and their hobbies basically seems to be sculptures!!! It is I have to admit a really beautiful place to go to WHEN I'M ACTUALLY MARRIED AND HAVE A HUSBAND (but then again that didn't stop me from having a good time..) As you can see from the pics, we had a few pics taken with the of them that we weren't allow to go near is the oldest Harubang (a symbol of Jeju Island) and myths has it that if you rub its hands and arms you would get rich....and i think bad luck if you rub its ass (logical..why would you touch someones ass?), and if you rub the head you would get a son and the nose a yes basically the only thing I can rub is the hands!!!! They really have very interesting sculptures there and the trees that has been hit with lightning sure give very weird figures (especially the ham sap one which I put up..had to look through a hole to actually see it which explains why the pic is so one sided).. They have so many rocks here that even the graveyard is surrounded by rocks (I presume to scare animal out) and they don't believe in digging here...they just pile things over you...looks cute though..humps around the island!!

Next stop after Mon Sok Won was the Mysterious Road. Basically is just a stretch of ordinary looking road that looks like its going uphill however when you turn off the engine the vehicle would actually still move along the road (looks like going uphill but is actually going downhill)...that is why is so mysterious..hehe and yes I just had to check the layer of the road to understand it (I am after all a very curious person!)
Third Stop was the Yong Dam Rocks..and by now I was seriously exhausted..see even the sun is already setting and I haven't slept in so long!! luckily it was just a quick stop to take pictures of the rock which by the way is suppose to resemble a dragon...I know I know...I can't seem to see the dragon in the rock myself....and need I even get started on how far we have to walk to see this rock????

And finally we heard the magic word, the tour for the day is over and we get to go to the hotel!!! ahhhh but we are just going to the hotel to put down our stuffs before dinner...ah well soon soon soon Nicole before you get to zzzz is all i can say to myself....Dinner was seriusly very yummy but unfortunately it was fish (not that I have anything against fish but I don't know how to debone fish!! and sardines is like full of bones!!!!!) the soup and gravy however was really good....and yes I wasn't full which is why after dinner and after a short walk in the nearest shopping centre (hehe to buy some facial and eye is after all Korea and they have the best stuffs there) we then went to have supper....yes first stop the hawker stalls for some good old traditional Korean this was really satisfying!!!! But then it wasn't satisfying as the beautiful sleep we had that night fully exhausted HEAVEN!!!!

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