Sunday, December 17

Korea Day 2 Part 1: Jeju Island Sunrise Peak & Seopjikoji

Note: I just love a nice lazy Sunday... 25 more hours to go before mum and brother are off on a flight bound for KL.....mmmmmm blisss endure 1 more day and 1 hour... :D

After what I can only describe as the best sleep I had in ages, we were rudely awaken up with the early morning call.. urghh let me sleep more!!!! After forcing myself out of bed to shower and get ready, we then boarded the bus to our breakfast venue.... Abalone Porridge...I wasn't too hungry but I have to say there is something about the food that is making me eat it..haha I have to point out here that I'm definately not a morning person and I don't eat breakfast..but this time big exception..the food was actually appetizing enough and I so love seaweeds!! After taking pics of the food I was like practically throwing in more dried seaweed into my porridge... and the weird combo of bread/egg and side dishes for breakfast just made it better...mmmm now I'm full and fully energized for the day!!! (which I heard was going to be full on hectic)
First stop after breakfast was the Seongsan Ichulbong or better known as Sunrise Peak. It is part of a volcano that has already died down. Infact the volcano crater looked so nice and grassy that makes you feel like jumping and rolling on it (unfortunately they had it fenced off darn!!). It was around a 30 minute climb up and knowing me the very inactive lazy fart it was freaking tiring (I don't even know what is worse the tiring climb up or the fact that I'm freaking afraid of heights and coming down was like scary shit!!!). The reason why They call it Sunrise Peak is because of the spectacular view of sunrise from the top (which thank god the tour didn't include the sunrise part because that would mean less sleep for me...)
After our morning hike up the Sunrise Peak, our next stop was like a few minutes drive away to Seopjikoji... It is a really small place and I was like why in the world are we going to this place?? Like the views are nice too but we are going there because of a church that we can't even go in to???and a church that is only famous because it is in a popular K-drama which I have not even watch (and no intention to watch too). We only spent a few minutes here so yes I used it all on picture taking... :D well I am after all easily bored....
Next stop after Seopjikoji was the Seongeup Folk Village...tune in to Part be continued

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