Monday, December 18

Korea Day 2 Part 2: Jeju Island Seongeup Folk Village, Cheonjiyeon Falls & Oldaegae Rock

Note: A few more hours before I'm free from mum and bro....SO CAN'T WAIT...yes I know me cruel shit but well I need some time off need to worry about cooking till next year....this chef here needs to recuperate and think of new ideas!

After the short trip to Seopjikoji, we then had to take a long bus ride to the west side of Jeju Island...yes Jeju Island is "that" big till it takes about 45 minutes to drive to the other end... The 3rd stop for the day was the Seongeup Folk Village. This place compared to the Namsan Folk Village is much more authentic because there is actually real ppl living here!!! the thing I find seriusly funny here was that this whole village is occupied only by females and their childrens....they are look after of course by just one male (head villagers)....and if they find another man and get married they have to move out...I was like WHAT???!!!! that is so not fair!!! but then again I heard it was pretty normal in Jeju Island where more than half the occupants are females because the most of the males died in the war.....ah well there you have it the history of Jeju Island...that is why in this place we have to be always careful with words never ever mention the word widows!! well we kept getting reminded about it so that is why it is stuck in my head!! Anyways at the Seongeup Village we were just brought around and shown the various things that they do during their everyday I can't believe there are still people living like this (well apart from the aborigines in the jungle lah!)...and yes I had to take picture of the pig!!!
See the reason why the pig picture was taken??? Because we had lunch in this village and it was bulgogi of those black pigs....The lunch here by the way was just amazing!! Ate so so much really yummy and the pork was by the way UNLIMITED and REFILLABLE!!! and yes I ate so much my stomach seriusly felt like bursting..meat meat meat!!!! although we are suppose to get the meat and put in on lettuce filled with rice and dump it in the mouth, I had to do some modification because I don't eat what I did was put the meat on the rice and wrap it up with the dried seaweed..mmmm extra crunchy I LOVE SEAWEED!!! now I'm already hungry just thinking about it...arghh
After lunch we had another long drive to go to this place called Cheonjiyeon Waterfalls. So yes it is good picture taking opportunity with the nice waterfall, super clear water till even eels can swim around there (I seriusly didn't know eels lived in non-salty water)...anyways on the way to the waterfall we had to go across this bridge with a good luck turtle beneath...supposedly a wishing turtle so everyone was throwing the coins there...unfortunately my aiming sucks and all my coins doesn't seem to fall on the turtle..urghh....there goes all my wishes (no prizes for what I was trying to wish for!) and yes we were so bored waiting to go back to the bus we just had to take some silly pics..haha men quite good for collection ok!!

After the waterfalls we then went to see more rocks...this time was the Oldaegae is basically 2 huge rock formation..the tall one is suppose to represent a widow while the flat one is her dead hubbie general....yes I know I don't see any resemblance there but ah well that is what the history is about...:D nearby there was another popular K-drama filming site (Jewel of The Palace) which again I have not watched because it is such a long soapie and well too dramatic already for me (and not to mention is for all those aunties to watch not me!!!)...but I definately couldn't resist when I was the figure there to superimpose your face...after all I love all this superimposing things....hehe and no me not putting those stupid superimposed pictures I malu!!
And by this time I was already dead tired and having a crap headache, but no we still had more places to go...why why why put so many things at one go????? to be continued

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