Thursday, December 21

Korea Day 2 Part 3: Yackcheonsa Temple & Daepo Seashore Columns

Note: Lack of posting lately...not much time around to fiddle with pics...mum and bro might be gone and I'm definately getting less sleep than when they are here.... I blame the backside itchy syndrome for making me rush through my work, go out every night after lab and just basically doing crap shits.... why why why I was born with such itchy backside???

Continuition from Part 1 & Part 2

Was super dreading the fact that the day was like never head is aching like shit and all I want to do is just sleep....Day 2 and I'm already tired of sitting the bus!!! But that won't be happening anytime soon...there is still 3 more places in the agenda for the day before dinner!!! arghh not that I'm hungry but I'm tired...yes I was crossing my fingers please please let the next few places be quick stops and no walking!! I am after all a world renowned lazy pig!! Next stop was the Yeokchansa Temple....well I'm not Buddhist but I love temples!!! like I was praying and hoping..let there be some holy water for me to cast away all me bad luck!!! hehe hey I'm superstitious ok!!! Remember my other holy water from Japan?? AND YES they do have some cleansing water there...first stop for me!!! ok apart from the fact I was really quite thirsty and I've ran out of water....but it was so nice just to splash water on the about intant cure for headaches on a hot day!!! mmmmmmm...we didn't spend much time in this temple though...just I guess for those praying ppl so Heidi and I just walked around snapping pics and we found that oh so cute phone booth in the shape of a Harubang..owwww so bloody cute..too bad me got no one to call in Korea...darn it!!!

Next Stop after the temple was the Daepo Seashore Columns....This place is like North Rocks in Sydney where is nice to see the vertical shape of the rocks due to waves and winds...and well by now you should know that Jeju Island is just full of rocks and their formation??? wasn't such a long stop too just 10 minutes to see the rocks and to feel the breeze..yes my headache is gone and I'm back into action in that oh so cute humoungous seashell!! too bad is hard to zoom in without missing the whole seashell...but it was fun...hehe

to be continued again due to I seriusly need to finish up this stupid manuscript for my supervisor...(supposedly non negotiable!!!)

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