Friday, December 29

Korea Day 2 Part 4:Lotte Hotel Windmill and Chinese Dinner

Note: I'm finally back from Thredbo...nice holiday...very relaxing but seriusly lack of stuffs to do...that place is just good in winter period!! and worst part I found out this morning I got sun burnt on my head and neck!!! arghhhh and is like freaking one sided too....god knows how I got it and damn now I have to put sub block there too...but Heidi was worst she got it on her face...haha see told you to wear sun block!!!

Continuition from Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 (and i promise you this is the last part of Jeju Island and Day 2)

See just how much places we went to in Day 2??thank god seriusly for the good sleep the night before or not I would seriusly have killed myself along the way. Good news though we only had one more venue to go before dinner...and the place is the Lotte Hotel. I was like why in the world are we visiting another hotel for??( not to mention a 6 star hotel compared to ours which I think was just 4) darn...apart from the Lotte Hotel being the filming site for one K-drama (which again I did not watch) it has also the windmills (which is the signature of Netherlands not KOREA!!!!) but anyways we were brought there to do some picture taking...haha atleast our tour understand the photo taking needs of ME?! yes so there you have it me half bored and the only way to entertain myself was by taking pics of all sorts.. :D

After the Lotte Hotel and our windmill taking photos we then boarded to the bus to go to our dinner place...on the way we passed through this place called the teddy bear museum which I SO WANTED TO GO!!! but the tour guide was like no we are not going there since we are in a tour full of not so young ppl..damn!!! but I want to see teddy bears!!!!!! *sob sob* anyways on the bus the tour guide was teaching us some korean language and those simple words which most of them I already know from watching the korean drama...haha and I do by the way have my dictionary with me!!!

Dinner was chinese to cater for those ppl who cannot stand korean food...although as you can see we haven't had much of korean food yet...I want more BBQ!!!! I seriusly wouldn't mind eating BBQ for lunch and dinner for 8 days men!!! but yes I have to be contented with the chinese for now...and one thing I really am amazed is why all tour group always over order food!! like men I look at the food also me feel full..the table is always filled with it..and by the way is only 6 of us to a table!! meaning the food there is to be finished by 6 ppl!!!! The seaweed soup was nice, both the pork was ok ok lah....the egg with tofu was weird but edible, chicken was good (I love deep fried food), crab with egg (just weird to the max but luckily it wasn't too hard to eat since it was woft shell crab)...and the squid me didn't like it at all...and yes the tour leader from msia actually took the intitiative to bring sambal belacan (like men all of us malaysian are just addicted to it!!!)

After our dinner, we were then sent back to our hotel...and since it was still quite early, Heidi and I decided to walk out and enjoy our last night in Jeju Island. And since we are after all on an island we thought a nice esplanade walk near our hotel would be great. It was actually very interesting along the esplanade many ppl were catching squid (their favourite past time I think) and I was wondering why the walls of the pier had so many black mark then we saw that when they catch the squid the squids actually let out some really blackish fluid (use for ink in some cases)...haha see we did learn something!! yes I had to also take picture of the Haenyeo statue (Jeju woman divers) who unlike me so hardworking would go to the sea and look for squids, fish and food.... and let's not forget all this cute signboard...atleast this is not as funny as the one I took of a car going into the water... :D

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