Saturday, December 30

Korea Day 3 Part 1: Daejanggeum Theme Park and loads of bus rides!

Note: I had like the best and most relaxing day ever....well not in the morning where I had to go do heaps of errands which pisses me off so much (was told to go to the tyre shop because mum said it was due for service but it wasn't until March!!!!, had to go to the post office to pay bills, collect items and all the post office are close on the 29th bloody hell lazy freaking idiots...)..afternoon and evening was spent lazing at home...watching drama and doing the pics for blog...reason why there is so many pics now!!! hehe
After our very productive day 2 and another perfect sleep, we were again rudely awaken up by the dreaded morning as sleepy and tired as I am, forced myself to shower and go downstairs for the buffet breakfast...but as usual the lazy ass Nicole Tan can never eat breakfast so notice how little I ate?? and by the way I didn't even finish the food...hehe I know I know "think of the ppl in Africa" but you also gotta think of the tired me!!!!! the buffet breakfast is actually quite good...a fusion of western and asian just the way I like it....CHOICES!!!!

After breakfast we then went to the airport to bring us back to the mainland and to Seoul. But we weren't going to stay in Seoul since we would be moving to the east to the mountain to see the beatiful view there..(supposedly)...and since we were waiting for the flight and I am super duper bored we manage to take a few pics...our travel guide from Korea even borrowed all our passports to buy liquor for his boss.....yes 15 bottles of johnnie walker...hmm alcohol....hehe well no more alcohol for me abstaining from it for a while... :D

After the long long flight (well not too long lah just 1 and a half hour but I a seriusly freaking sick of airplane already), we got into another bus for our long trip to east Korea to Mt Sorak...on the way we had lunch and yeh this time we had bu dae ji gae...well need i tell you how much I love this???love the sausages and the meat inside...we even made the one on our table a little bit more spicier since it doesn't really look good if it isn't hot.....but yes very satisfying lunch to make me zzzzz later in the long bus ride!!!!
Our first stop for the day (apart from those food and bus rides) was the Daejanggeum Theme Park. Yes it is the "Jewel In The Palace" drama filming site. One of the most popular K-drama around and one that has been watched and loved by all aunties around the world (need I stress on the aunties anymore because well it is those olden day drama thingy). Basically the show talked about the real life story of a servant who transformed herself and went to become the Head Chef of the palace and after that physician to the king...well dunno how the story ended though since I only wathed bits and pieces of it (maybe a few episodes when I was back in Msia last year)....heard this show was super duper nah dun think I will be watching it since there doesn't seem to be any leng chai (although Heidi would beg to differ since she was all over the main guy actor there!!!) This place was artificially constructed and well you know me I like going for more authentic things!! but the fact that is was all artificial gave us more picture taking opportunity and we got to touch everything and play with everything...yes so we went around the whole place clicking and snapping pics with 2 cameras (yes Heidi finally took out her camera to take pics...and by the way it was only at this place her camera came into play!!!)..and after the hot hot day walking around (seriusly Korea was so freaking hot men!) we then got the Pocari Sweat drink (something like 100 Plus lah) and it felt super nice and cold and refreshing!!!!

I think we spent about an hour and a half here and we got into the bus again for another long trip..on the way we stopped be continued

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