Sunday, December 31

Korea Day 3 Part 2: Nami Island and still loads of bus ride!

Note: I am just so bloody lazy!! I don't want the holidays to end!!!! and can someone please tell me how to revive a dead plant?? I forgot to water my mum's plant for a week and it seems like is dying quite badly...darn I so going to die when my mum comes back!!!!

Continuation from Part 1

Another long bus ride before we reach the jetty in Chuncheon to board a short ferry ride to Nami Island. This island by the way is a really super small island lah and it only takes about 1 hour to walk from one side to another (just to give you a rough idea how small it is). It was an island given by the government to a korean general long long time ago...but trust me no one really gives a shit about the history of it. The reason why it is famous is because yes another K drama Winter Sonata was filmed here...well basically this place is the place the 2 ppl fell in love lah yar....again I have to say I didn't watch finish this drama because it is one of those love sad drama which all they do in every episode seems to be crying and I just basically forwarded the whole drama in less than one day (few years back and I only did that to see the I can only tell you what is the ending and what the shit happen in the middle i also dunno!!! and I definately do not remember this place!!!!!!!!) ok ok so back to the Nami really quite a nice place (although because of the Winter Sonata there was so many ppl there making the place look more like a city than a park!).....and yes everyone was fighting to take picture of a board with the picture of the Bae Yong Joon (like my god he is so ugly lah ok...why why why so many ppl like him???!!!!!!!) and the other female character which I also dunno who she is (and I put a small pic of them here too just to show you what those ppl are goo goo gagaing about)..haha only the Bae Yong Joon name is stuck in my head because everywhere you go everyone knows him (and by the way he is a household name in Japan ok...they are so in love with him there!) the most important picture taking was the rows of trees behind us which as you can see we took a lot of...and also we had to take picture of that specific tree that the main characters themselves touch (yes over rated tree!!!)...we spent about an hour here...nice to walk around and just snap pics...
After our Nami Island trip we then continued on the long long bus ride to Mt Sorak Hotel. We then had dinner at a restaurant on the way and had mushroom hot pot.......mushroom a big no no for me...but meat inside big yes yes for me..haha

After dinner we then headed our to our hotel which thank god wasn't too far away...and was quite happy when the hotel was actually like a small apartment...and we can actually sleep on the floor (well we have to!)..and as you can see we are seriusly messy ppl and god knows why when Heidi made the beds she had to put our mattress next to each other!!! when the whole room is by the way so big!!! cis..and the nite was completed with a round of alcohol courtesy of James our korea tour guide who invited everyone to his room for a nice round of beer and chips... :D yes alcohol again...this beer was actually really good...and kinda cute because it actually has a sign at the side of it to tell you whether it is the right temperature to drink the beer or not....hehe smart!!!

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