Tuesday, December 5

Malaysia Day 6: Bukit Tinggi With The Gang

Note: so many pics to do up....but realise once I get used to it is pretty fast....that is if me not fussy which thank god I'm not!! been pretty much of a crappy week with my experiments all screwed up..this is definately a sign of holiday needed again!

After almost a week in KL, I surprisingly haven't really met up with the gang yet...well Hui Yee was busy with work, Vern was still in Kuantan and dear old Lih Hwa was good question I have no idea where.. but a few weeks before I went back we all planned to go paint ball at Bukit Tinggi....so then we decided to spend a night there before the paint ball day... so I met up with Hui Yee first for dinner at Taman Megah where Lih Hwa finally came and join us for our long trip to the apartment (and I really mean long since there was this jam on the highway at like 9 something pm!!!!)

When we arrived, we met up with Vern, Chai, Joshua, Ee Von and Chong Hin for dinner...come to think of it I realised I didn't take pics of that dinner...hmmm I wonder why....oh wait now i remember it was because I already had dinner with Hui Yee and I was full!!! hehe oops
After dinner we went back to the apartment and started urmm preparing the drinks..notice the similaraty of some of the pics with my previous post about Port Dickson. Yes yes we have this thing about parading out our alcohol before consuming it..hehe this goes especially for Vern and Chai..haha...and since we were at this apartment and there was seriusly lack of cups and glasses, some of us had to drink from bowls!!! yes bowls!! see how desperate we were???? haha we even mixed the drinks (basically the absolute vanilla with ribena in a pot and scoop it out)...was not too bad but I do think the ribena goes better with just the absolute vodka not the vanilla version....

So the whole night was spent talking crap, catching up, mahjong, chor dai dee (I seriusly haven't been playing for so long) and drinking (I definately need to cut down on alcohol men!!)...and of course taking pictures!!! after all Lih Hwa was here this time (since she ffk-ed for the Port Dickson trip the last time) ... was fun catching up with the rest since I haven't seen Joshua, Ee Von and Chong Hin since I left IMU..so the night pass by and slowly everyone started to get sleepy with the alcohol (and also the time)... luckily we manage to take some pics pre and post alcohol (I guess I don't need to tell you guys which one was the pre and which are the post)....I think by 4am all of us basically just fell asleep....after all we do have to wake up at 7am for the paint ball....which by the way we woke up late (and sleepy pig Lih Hwa refuse to wake up so didn't join us for paint ball)....

And needless to say we got trashed in paintball just marginally winning one round out of like god knows how many rounds (like come on men we were up against ppl who were super awake and not to mention had breakfast!!!!)....I was just plain tired!!!! didn't have pics from paintball because had to lock up all our stuffs so no chance to take pics..and I wouldn't want to dirty my camera too..paint ball was fun, tiring and painful but definately worth it...thought I would also put up dear old Vern perfect paintball bruise....all I can say to that is good hit Hui Yee (although seriusly we were on the same team and you should have hit the enemy and not Vern!)

By the way I would like to thank Hui Yee for letting me steal some of the pics from her blog yar..hehe thanks hui yee..muaks

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