Thursday, December 7

Malaysia Day 7: And I thought the night was over

Note: A year older but definately still the same old me!!!!

Continuition from the last post after my supposed supper at Genting Highland.

Went back to the apartment and all of a sudden realised that there was a cake for me!! an early celebration for my bday...which by the way came as a total surprise because I was really not expecting it!!! like come on men my birthday is still like 10 days away!!!! but THANKS SO MUCH MANDY & DENISE FOR IT!!!!

The night then continued on (as tired as I am) having the birthday cake which was really yummy but seriusly I was so full after my tong sui less than an hour ago!!! see why I put on so much weight every time I come back to Msia??? Non stop eating...(not that I'm complaining anyway..after all I LOVE TO EAT!) and it was seriusly great to be celebrating my bday with my relatives which I haven't done for so long (ever since I was a kid so it was extra special this year!!)

After the cake, yes I then showered and went straght to sleep...(on like what I can say the best atmosphere to sleep in...comfy bed, cold weather, nice blanket and Zzzzzzzzzzz)

P/s I know I know the pic on top is so full on me...after all is my bday!!!! :P

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