Wednesday, December 6

Malaysia Day 7: Genting Highlands with Denise, Mandy and family

Note: I'm telling you I'm just freaking cursed this week!!! experiments are like so screwed... I'm just so dead!!!

After half a day of getting our asses trashed in paintball, we had lunch and went our seperate ways. But atleast I know I get to meet up with some of them after I go to Korea... :D we had lunch at the foot of Genting Highlands at Mcdonald.... after that I manage to persuade dear old Ee Vern to send me up to Genting Highlands to meet up with my relatives..hehe so sweet of him..such a nice friend (just in case he is reading this post)
So met up with the relatives at the Ria Apartments. This apartment seriusly bring back long forgotten memories...the last time I stayed in this apartment was after Form 5 SPM exam (which loads of interesting things happened but ah well my long past history).. after chatting for a while, everyone then decided to go out and have a walk around. My aunt/uncle friends wanted to go to the casino and my dear old cousins wanted to go yes me dragged myself out of like the most comfartable bed (I'm seriusly so lacked of sleep that time) and went out with them....First stop Starbucks Coffee!!! with of course cheesecake...mmm I love cake!!! forgot already what I had to drink...well can't help it my memory don't go back too long...should have taken more pics!!!!

After our short little stop at Starbucks, we then proceeded on for the shopping....and I would like to stress I did not do any shopping!!!!! (oh wait come to think of it I got 2 shirts....ooops) but anyways well compared to other times, this was less shopping then...I was after all tired, tired and tired....and my body felt like an old woman!!!

For dinner we then decided to have it at Hainan Kitchen. Was not too bad...I after all just wanted asian food and nothing come on men dun tell me I come back to Msia and western food meh??? wasted like that....I had the hainan chicken urmm isn't that what Hainanese are famous for??? My cousins decided to be the loving siblings and ordered the same food which was the sizzling pork chop (looks really yummy and the smell was really good!!).... and just to be on the safe side for my Korea trip, I decided to be healthy and go for the most healthiest drink I can find there...sugar cane with some longan and god knows what other things was in there (well it looks like it is healthy!! and I didn't fall sick so it is all good!)

After dinner we went for more walking around and well we came across this damn freaking keng machine to charge your has like so many different chargers come on men you seriusly dun get these sort of things around here..I was so impressed but a bit the very shy to take the Mandy just did it..ah well she is a little bit less of a chicken compared to me!!!

The night was then coming to an end (well which was what I thought), and we decided to have a quick supper of tong how can I resist tong sui???? As you would know from my previous post, I LOVE TONG SUI!! especially by the way if it is like the most fattening one around the black glutinous rice with coconut milk...drooolllll I so love that men....and no don't worry ppl I didn't have 2 tong sui this time..thank god...only had the black glutinous rice one...the other one was for my cousin.... :P and after a full night out (I'm so stuffed!!) we went back to the apartment to sleep...or so I thought....... to be continued

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