Sunday, December 10

Malaysia Day 8: Nasi Kandar and Korea bound!!!

Note: Spent half a day in the lab today..tired like hell..but atleast got good bumming my whole Sunday tmr away...I REFUSE TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!

After the great nite out at Genting Highlands, and not to mention the oh so beatiful sleep I had, finally woke up I think around 11am..hehe I was that tired...and we then got ready and drove down back to KL because I still need to pack for Korea
Packing up was atleast quick since I did have most of it ready before I went to Bukit Tinggi and Genting Highlands. Basically just needed to dump more stuffs in and wash my clothes before I leave..and not to mention my oh so dirty shoes!!!! hai....
We then decided to eat nasi kandar near Carrefour in Wangsa Maju (a place visited very frequently by my 2 dear cousins since I keep going there every time I go back to KL)..hehe there were loads of dishes all ordered by my you can see from the pic below loads of vege..and the meat...wooo I really loved the mutton since can't get mutton over here in Sydney...And the ayam masak merah was also good and the squid...well can't say much about the vege part right since hehe right you guessed it right I didn't touch those!!!
After lunch, my aunt and uncle then sent me to the airport to catch my flight to Penang....and after that Korea!!

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