Monday, December 25

On the 1st day of Christmas

Note: I'm just a bit too lazy to post loads of pics now...after all I had only like 2 hours sleep last night and my eyes are really slowly coming down....then comes the slap to wake me back up!!! NO NO NO cannot sleep later tonight die cannot sleep and tmr have to wake up early to drive to Thredbo...but I want to sleep!!! i'm tired!!! ok my head is so aching!!!! too many noises!!!

Christmas Eve was just great...2nd Christmas spent in Sydney...but first time doing so much cooking!!! I love turkey!!! mmmm (although I still miss PJ christmas!!!! when will I ever get used to Sydney??!!! actually hopefully never..hehe)
Anyways company was great although TOO MUCH KAKA TING didn't slumber over...but had loads of fun posing for pics (like the one beside), eating, drinking, gossiping, playing twister (will show our cool moves urmmm one of these days...after Korea pics are up...and a few others too...), alcohol (well not a lot actually..we are after all sophisticated matured ladies and we should act that way), alcohol games (haha hmm trying to think back who was the bigger loser yesterday....luckily not expert liao)....good fun although lack of sleep...woke up at 7....went to the lab to finish off the experiment..*yawn* why am I so hardworking???
p/s I'm so hungry now!!! great sister as usual always late!! and is just me and her for dinner....hungry hungry sleepy sleepy....This is how I'm spending my Christmas Day... :D

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