Friday, December 1

Reunion @ Port Dickson Part 2 (the fun part)

Note: Luckily me not so busy yesterday so had time to do up the pictures....had to bake a cake some more for the brat's school...hai and me didn't even get to taste it (blackberry pudding cake)....

After watching the beautiful sunset at the beach, dinner and our short stopover at the local supermarket to stock up on our drinks, we finally went back to the apartment to shower and get ready for our drinking session..hehe....I had to go out with my relatives first since I was in PD and it was the last day I'll be seeing my cousins...but once I got back these ppl were like all ready and waiting for me!! haha so nice...

Yes we all have to pose with the alcohol!!! haha well I have other poses too but no need to put so many lah later really look like alcoholics...but we so look like urmmm beer girls/boys in the pics men...haha luckily we didn't pose with uniforms too..that would be just plain pathetic!!!!

Yes we started with the drinks..but before ppl got knocked out we had our picture taking session!!! that is why you see such nice picture on top..haha still so normal and happy....I realised how difficult it is to have group pictures men....and how useful the camera timer is atleast all of us get to be in the photos!!!! so nice and such wonderful time

After our ahem serius photo taking the night continued on and well interesting photo taking was available...luckily me always ready with the camera..and ah well pictures does speak a million words now doesn't it????

After the great nite out, had brekkie with Yao Lin nearby (since we were the only two AWAKE!!!!) and yes I didn't sleep the whole night...and I went to the airport the next day absolutely dead!!! and worse I didn't even sleep on the plane and went to work right after I dumped my luggage back home...definately 3 days worth of no sleeping is taking its toll on me!!!! All I can remember from the trip was the fun and my sleepiness!!

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