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HK movie

2 become 1 天生一對: I took a while to actually start watching this movie...didn't think a show about a woman with breast cancer can be very interesting..which by the way I was just isn't one of those funny shows that Miriam usually acts in...Only watch it if you really want to...and they had a Justin cameo-ing inside too...totally by the way a waste of just like trying to promote him until give him a damn pathetic part..wasted!!! Overall story is those typical Miriam movie lah..the feel good show type...although this time with Richie Ren...they really got to stop using him lah!!!! (Image from

Brothers 兄弟: Highly anticipated movie since it has so many big stars in it...and if you know the story behind the making of it, it would just make you want to watch it real life, all the actors are really good friends and they wanted to collaborate in a movie and hence the movie and the title of the movie...storyline however is very honkie style...triads, gun fights & blood...Eason Chen and Michael Miu are the main characters and they really did a good job..Andy Lau wasn't really such a big star in it and I really hated the part where he took off his watch and they focused on it (he is the ambasaddor of Cyma but seriusly did they need to advertise within the movie?! Sorry cuz!) Worth the watch but I have to admit I really did felt like sleeping half way through it because it got kinda draggy...(Image from

Bullet And Brain 神枪手与智多星: Just when I thought there was nothing to watch in the movies, came along a cheesy sounding movie I swear to God I would not even have thought of watching..until I saw the picture of Alex Fong in it...yes got sucked in although I know the movie was going to be bad...although seriusly speaking how bad would it be if there is 3 other good actors in it (Anthony Wong, Francis Ng and Eric Tsang)..the movie is a cheesy version of 2 "macho" man called Bullen and Brain that is suppose to avenge the death of Master Ganglord and protect his granddaughter...and my Alex was a young and inexperienced police assigned to taking care of that annoying grand-daughter...storyline was pretty cheesy...ending was absolutely confusing to me and sudden...unfortunately I have to say the show seriusly failed in every angle..but just sitting there and seeing Alex was definately enough to make the money worth it..muahaha (Image from

Confession of Pain 傷城: One of those movie when I watched the trailer I was like I so have to watch this!!! Just took me a little while to actualyl go and watch it...but it was good..quite twisted but also damn predictable...half way through the show I was like I just know who the real person is..Tony Leung and Takeshi really did a good job...too bad the same can't be said about the other female actress..I just can't understand why in the world Shu Qi keep getting to play roles that are like well bimbo/prostitute like??? really puts the downside to the show...apart from that thumbs up!!! (Image from

Dating A Vampire 爱上尸新娘 : Looking at the image I'm pretty sure everyone can guess why I watched the show..I was told is just bad bad bad...and as much as I hate admitting was really horrible to the max!!!! yes I might love Alex but men why in the world did he spoil his great image of himself!!!!! like it is different from most of his other roles..but this movie was just crap..can't believe Alex can do this!!!! and why why why must he always act in shows that has atleast a member of the Cookies band in it???? not to mention Miki in Cookies is the member I dislike the most...yes absolute dissapointment...(by the way I only watched 20 minute of this and I couldn't take it anymore and went to the last 10 minute)(Image from

Dragon Squad 猛龙: I was trying to look for a film that well could be interesting...and this movie did sort of dissapoint me...first this film has Vanness Wu (I should have just trust my instinct any film with him would be quite bad since he can't act!), Shawn Yue (give me Edison anytime!), Sammo Hung (hey that is the not so thin dude who can do some nice kungfu), Simon Yam (not so young fart) and Maggie Q (I think she is damn pretty!)..yes so many big shots there how bad can the show get right???? well it was alright to a sense, the fighting scenes were pretty good and story line not too bad...loads of underdeceloped characters here....and this film focus too much on Vanness!!! but I do think the other female in the show looks kinda cool too...(Image from

Dragon Tiger Gate 龙虎门: This show I watched because I read a review somewhere that it was actually good..the fighting scenes were quite good lah....very typical kung fu style...been a while since I saw Nicholas acting dun like him at all..Shawn was pretty ok inside lah..still one show I wouldn't watch again....reason being I can't stand the lead actor..I think he tries to hard to look cool when in actual fact I think he is more suitable for those keh lei fei roles..yes I'm a cruel person...and Nicholas and it me or are they not as popular as before???? trying to pick up their image I think (Image from

Drink Drank Drunk 千杯不醉: Well it has 2 of my fav ppl inside...I damn like Miriam and Daniel.but this show sort of dissapointed me a it just didn't have the same spark as love undercover has...and I guess the show just lack well apart from story, also lacked in sense and chemistry between everything...seriusly wasted my time and money watching this... although I think Daniel Wu looks kinda cute when he is drunk.. :) (Image from

Dry Wood Fierce Fire 乾柴烈火: Yes one of those movies I know would be stupid and funny...but seriusly aren't all HK movies like that nowadays...and I am seriusly in need of some laugh..which I did get...a little here and there....definately not one show I'll watch if if you have nothing else better to do! (Image from

Elixir Of Love 花好月圓: Yes another Miriam show...I think I practically watch everything with her in it...cis and I'm not even that of a great fan...but I quite liked this show...sort of have a very feel good feeling to it....but really I can't stand Richie Ren!!! can someone please just replace this ham sap looking guy there??!! The story line to this show is pretty much quite pathetic in actual fact how can someone stink so much???? JUST TAKE A GOD DAMN SHOWER!!!!! I'm sure everything would be alrite(Image from

Enter The Phoenix 大佬愛美麗:The first ever movie directed by Stephen Fung...what can I say?? surprisingly is pretty good....haha Eason and Daniel definately made the show so freaking funny...and there was actually fighting scenes with Stephen in it which I thought was pretty good...all the choreograph..for a beginner he is getting there...I wouldn't be surprised in future he could win an award..hmmm so leng chai and yet so talented....I am amazed...hehe found it quite sweet of him to put Karen Mok inside....but atleast lah put Stephen and Karen together...why lah put Karen and Eason together??!!!wasted you know (Image from

Flash Point 導火線: Another Donnie Yen movie and I hated it!!! yeah even the presence of Louis Koo in it was not enough to save the show for me...I really need to remind myself all of Donnie Yen movie is just about him...I'm not the type that like super long fighting scenes!!! so maybe for blokes is ok..but for me is just a big nono...and the storyline is just so so and quite boring...they just dragged on the fighting scenes...and must they make it so bloody??? not that I have anything against it but I think lately I've been watching too many bloody movies and I think is so unnessary!!!(Image from

Gen X Cops 特警新人類: I can't remember how many times I've watched this movie...well maybe because I have the cd lah..but seriusly this show was just so cool lah...I remembered it came out when me was still in high school the time..yes I was in love with Stephen Fung that time (extreme right)...Daniel Wu (middle guy) was also kinda cute...but me never had a thing for Nicholas Tse (just not me cup of tea..extreme left..think he is just too beng??) quite a funny yes recomended to be watched over and over again!!(Image from

Gen Y Cops 特警新人類 2: If the first version was so would be the 2nd version..I just want to stress that sequels are usually bad....yes although this has Stephen Fung still (I felt that his role was very minor in here)...and now they introduced another leng chai (Edison Chen to replace Nicholas Tse)..yes Edison much much better....too bad this film wasn't as good as the first one.....but here was show where Maggie Q came in and another white dude..forgot his real name....have this feeling this film was too heavily promoting ABC's..yes Edison is an ABC....lack the real HK feel to it...(Image from

Happy Birthday 生日快樂: Everyone I know seems to be asking me to watch this show...they say is a good show a definite must watch...and so I decided to go watch it since I have nothing else better to do (knowing very well I don't like all this sad love stories)..keeping that in mind, I really found the movie so I really blame it on the all this while if she haven't been wasting time and just accepted how much Louis Koo loved her, they could atleast have made the most of their relationship...yes Louis Koo died but it wasn't his fault!! and I really felt so sad seeing how Louis Koo loved the girl so much and all the things he does..hai....sad sad sad...(I very the no like Louis Koo in here though...really think he is getting not as cute as last time!!!) (Image from

House Of Fury 精武家庭: The second movie directed by Stephen Fung....I am like wah this guy is just majorly talented lah thing about his movie is that they are funny and fai cai but not to the extent of you go like what the hell...there are fighting scenes, there are plots...and there are leng chais...yes Daniel was in it...and Stephen himself played a more major role here.....Twins was also in it...I do think Stephen and Gillian have great chemistry (in this show they are siblings lah..but they are so bloody cute together..esp when they were having leg fighting underneath the table)....Daniel Wu just bloody gorgeous in here....a must see for daniel and stephen's fan (Image from

I’ll Call You得閒飲茶: haha from the picture I'm sure you know why I watched the show..I actually thought the show was super me it didn't make sense!! and it ain't yes one of those serius Alex confused!!! but I think he definately suits this role a lot....he has jsut got this super innocent look that makes him quite belivable when he plays those roles....and the part where Andy Lau made a cameo just made it 10x more confusing!!! but andy lau did look funny in here...haha (Image from

Infernal Affairs 無間道: The best of the trilogy lah..maybe because so many things happened here until you dun even have time to think!!! but definately one of the best movie that came out of HK lah...and the Hollywood remake of it was just bad bad bad (The Departed)...but why was this movie so great in the first place???with such a twisted story line, HK triads, action packed & most importantly do you know how many freaking famous ppl are there in the show???on one side you have Andy Lau and on another Tony Leung..female counterparts (Sammi Cheng and Kelly Chen although both their roles are quite minor)...but you have like the top top top most famous artiste can it not be good??? (Image from

Infernal Affairs 無間道2: This was a definite must how in the world did all the story started..a prequel always answers the question the sequels doesn't...I quite like this movie (well apart from the fact that Edison looks damn bloody yao yeng here and he really so look like Andy Lau) because I thought it was as action packed as the first it well quite sad too but atleast it was interesting...and I think Carina Lau really did well in her role (although I really got to condemn her for being the wife of Eric Tsang..haha like does anyone wonder why the short fat ugly guy can get such damn keng punya wife??) (Image from

Infernal Affairs 無間道3: This version me seriusly no like to the max...I watched this in the cinema too (the first 2 I watched well not in cinema..haha) and talk about big dissapointment...Everyone was like so looking forward to this movie (well more like scratching the head on how can there be a 3rd version when well the 1st one already had sort of an ending..and Tony Leung died in the first he can still be a star on the 3rd??) but yes all questions were answered, movie concentrated on how Andy Lau just became more cuckoo and nuts (yes with a lot of Tony Leung flashbacks)..and in come another HK mega star Leon Lai (although he is one of the heavenly kings me hate the most!) but he did well here just me who didn't like this show very much because it was so confusing!!! (Image from

Initial D 頭文字 D (イニシャル D): The long awaited movie adapted from the Japanese comic....HK version this time...god knows why Jay has to be in it....(totally spoils the show for me)..but I guess he did an ok job in the acting department here (because the image he was portraying is of the stone type and he is kinda stone)....but for ppl like me yes I went there for Edison (damn like his jap name here Ryousuke)...he was absolutely keng keng keng....yes I was drooling..haha...this movie lasted quite long in the cinema...why??? well you have cute guys for the girls and cars for the who wouldn't go see????(Image from

Invisible Target 男兒本色: Another one of those police show but this time with younger casts....Nicholas Tse & Shawn Yue....although me no like them very much but their shows are usually quite good....Jaycee Chan was also featured heavily on this show although I don't really like his character at all...all 3 of them are cops whose life has been affected by a bunch of super cool bandits who thinks firearms and grenades are cheap with great martial arts skills...Nicholas Tse having lost his fiancee due to the bandits, Shawn Yue having his ego bruised and was forced to swallow 3 bullets while Jaycee Chan had his brother killed by the there goes the typical movie plot about how those 3 catch the bad guys (make that kill since none of the bad guys came out alive after the show..oops sorry bout the spoiler)....plot lines however was good, fighting scenes and the choreograph was really cool...definately worth the wait...:) (Image from

Love @ First Note 戀愛初歌: Been wanting to watch this show before I went to Korea..came back it was gone from the cinema..thank god for streaming power...but this show was just stupid can they put kary and justin together...but then again thank god alex didn't get kary..jsut gross...and this show I felt was just a major advertisement for the singers and future movies...quite stupid and useless lah...but Leo did make an appearance in here...why can't they atleast make him talk (Image from

Love Is Not All Around 十分爱: Been wanting to watch this show for so long....saw so many images of it when i went to HK...and finally got the happy!!! yes a show with my guy and the ever usual Stephy.....I have to say that Stephy acting ain't too bad over guy is always my guy...Alex is just so cute!!! and so sweet too of those shows with quite a lot of twist and turn...which just makes me think is life actually that bad??? One thing i don't like about this show would be the over use of artistes and promotion of new ppl....I think this is what happen when the film is produced by a management company....some of the actor and actresses inside is so condemable....(except my guy..hehe)...but truthfully speaking just watch it if you are a fan of someone in there..if your money...(Image from

Love Undercover 新紮師妹: I seriusly damn love this show....maybe because Daniel Wu was just so damn bloody gorgeous inside with his curly hair and irresistable smile...yes and I really like the chemistry between daniel and miriam here....and the show was super funny..a definite must watch..yes even over and over and over again (Image from

Love Undercover 2 新紮師妹2: Well sequels aren't usually good lah and this one was no exception lah...the chemistry was still there but I feel like the roles matured already so the funny scenes just weren't as funny as last time...and well they copied most of the funny bit from Part 1 so definately lack creativity..but hey Daniel is still cute here..:D (Image from

Love Undercover 3 新紮師妹3: The lamest of the lamest..they should have seriusly just not bothered calling this the 3rd installment of Love Undercover..what an insult to the first 2...this is such a boring..and Fiona was just plain annoying!!!! arghhhhhh total waste of time and just got myself irritated and annoyed only!!! (Image from

Marriage With A Fool 獨家試愛: Hai why why why must my Alex act in a show with Stephy??? It almost broke my heart seeing them kiss so much and long!! haha but Alex was just so darn cute and sweet in here..the show was quite good and it was funny at times but quite heart breaking at other time..well there is always the 3rd party right????? and so pity my innocent Alex....but the scenes with him and Stephy were really quite sweet lah and nice to watch....well except their wedding day lah ok (since I'm jealous like hell!!!) and I really do think the other 3rd party is really not pretty at all..infact looks too old!!! (Image from

Men Suddenly In Black 2 大丈夫 2: Can't say much about this show because I was streaming it and after 30 minute of it I just turned it off..was so bloody stupid and boring to the point I really wanted to sleep..the first installment of this show was hell a lot better...this was just bad!!!!! can't believe why anyone would like this show!!! LAME! (Image from

My KungFu Sweetheart 野蛮秘笈: Because I'm a really truthful person I got to admit this movie seriusly sucks!!!! yeah it was funny but well funny to the point it is so lame!!! definately one of those show I would recommend...but one of those shows I wanted to watch..why???well because my Leo was inside..yes dissapointed to the max!! But then again you can't really expect much when it is suppose to be one of those stupid Chinese New Year since when does the chinese new year show put up something logical??? ok I'm just basically consolling myself now...and pray that Leo would act in better shows because I seriusly can't stand Cecilia Cheung!!!! there is just this thing about her that make me not like her although she can act. (Image from

My Lucky Star 行運超人: I watched this show a while back..a lot to do with feng shui....but very very funny...should watch it if you have time and if you can find the show..since any shows with Tony Leung nowdays is seriusly quite worth watching (Image from

Perhaps Love 如果愛: They said this was going to be one of its kind movie...the first ever HK film in musical form....heard this show won a few awards yes had to ask my mum to get the DVD for was ok ok lah..quite slow....felt it really resemble Phantom of The Opera...chinese version though...songs here were really nice...especially the one by Jacky Cheung 如果愛 the theme song...just nice...and the korean actor there acting as the narrator..haha just so funny how he always come out at the weirdest moment...and come and sing some more...but quite a worth while show to watch...(Image from

Protégé 門徒: Woo hoo finally get to watch this didn't even show in Sydney but I manage to watch it online....I didn't even know the movie was so focused on Daniel like he so got the main role for this...Louis Koo role was so minor...and Andy Lau role?? hmmmm deep deep...and hmm is it me or did he seriusly aged that much?? super nice show I thought...really paid attention to details....the drug making/smuggling story here is very indepth...I guess I manage to watch the uncensored version if the process was so detailed..hehe...pheww.....action scenes here are not many..just a lot of "heart" roles...Daniel Wu excelled in this ok!!! and he was a good guy too..hehe thumbs up thumbs up...esp since he so cute!!! (Image from

Rob B Hood 寶貝計劃:HILARIOUS!!!! definite must must watch...I laugh until tears also flowing down liao...and baby Matthew?? so freaking cute!!!!! so chubby like until you just want to pinch it!!! Typical of Jackie Chan show to put loads of action/stunts...and loads more humour...Louis Koo here was really good too...although he wasn't really the main star here...more focused towards Jackie Chan..but there were loads of cameo by celebrities..we have Charlene from Twins, Nicholas Tse and Daniel Wu...yes Daniel Wu (very the gay but yet so cute in his maybe 1 minute appearance???) (Image from

Superfans 甜心粉絲王: What can I say?? The title is dumb but it has my Leo in of course when I heard is coming out some more on Good Friday..I just had to go a public holiday and what better way to spend it than to go watch him??? The show is quite funny and yeah it was kinda slow but I thought it was ok lah..not great but ok..talks about this girl being such a over the top fan of a star....then didn't see how much the guy (my leo) loves her and worships her...hai i actually thought the ending was kinda sweet when he said that she might be a fan to someone and how he is the number 1 fan of her...oww so sweet...really gives the moral of in this world no need to be so over the top fans of celebrities and stars but look closer to your heart....hai.....(Image from

The Heavenly Kings 四大天王: As stupid as this show looked, it is actually quite is actually a mockumentary...I thought it was damn good because what was shown there really reflect the true condition of Hong Kong music industry...I'm just wondering how true is it with the Alive group....hmmmm but since I haven't heard them coming out with any more songs I presume then it was really a gimmick..what a shame..(Image from

The Lady Iron Chef 美女食神: Finally got my hand on this of those chinese new year show so should be funny I thought..truthfully speaking it just wasn't funny...I find Charmaine Sheh seriusly quite annoying..and Hacken Lee for a big star like him to not really be a main star just isn't right....the food presented here were also all very over the top!! I think they copied a bit of the old Chow Sing Chi show God of Cookery...and is quite obvious this show is from TVB since the "real" chef from Beautiful Cooking program made an appearance here.. (Image from

The Lion Roars 我家有一只河东狮: This show is a definite must watch..why because it is one of the only shows that my tears really was close to coming out!! (and that didn't happen only because I was with a friend and the moment of crying was spoilt)..but as much as I hate Cecilia Cheung I have to admit she can act the crying scene very well and belivable....Louis Koo here was just plain dumb how can he just go sleep around with someone!!! totally stupid...and the princess also...too much and too cheap already!!!! cannot stand!!! the show is also quite funny lah but the funny parts are kinda lame so watch with caution....just remember to not be with friends when watching this...can cry easier..hehe (Image from

The Myth 神话: I thought this show was just plain confusing!!! Definately came from the drama A Step Into The Past...seemed to intertwine current and olden times....I think this show would have been better if there wasn't the stupid Jackie Chan humour in there was just one part when he went to India (where they used a Bollywood actress I felt look more like a porn movie)...the story line as I said just confusing to the max...but I do think the ending was a little bit super bizarre...just made things 10z more unrealistic....and maybe well Jackie Chan shouldn't have put the comedy in it..I think it would have been better and well more traditional instead of looking like one of those cheap movies? but then again is just my opinion...the korean actress here was pretty though (Image from

Three Extreme Dumplings 三更2: I got duped..this show was so not funny at all...infact it is freaking look young what is the secret food??a 5 month old fetus!!! like what the hell???and some more they minced it and put it as dumpling style...just so bloody gross!!! just go plastic surgery lah ok next time..pity the fetus men!!! and Bai Ling over here....well acting was good as a scary woman!!I can never look at her the same again after this show (Image from

Three of A Kind 煎釀三寶: Yes a show with a veteran, the main actor was someone I don't like...but the actress yes my type...whole movie..well watch it only if you have time pretty lame actually...but what else you expect..atleast it is one of those feel good movie...something to release stress...and the old man acting here which I have no idea what his name is...was just damn funny..i remembered all his old shows are those classic comedy type (Image from

Wait 'Til You're Older 童梦奇缘: A full on Andy Lau show (just as a kind warning)....definately very very unrealistic!!!!! I think they should have gotten another actor for this....because this movie required the transition from young to old...and when they were potraying Andy Lau young..he just didn't look young to me!!!! When I first started this show I thought it was one of those feel good movie..aka happy ending...but it ain't!! (yes another big big warning)....actually made me feel quite sad watching it!!! because he was suppose to be so young then just because of what he did he became old....but atleast he made up with his step mom before dying (Karen Mok)...I thought Karen Mok here did a really good job....but then again she is quite a good actress..just not too pretty....(Image from

Whispers & Moans 性工作者十日談: Most importantly this is not porn as much as the name suggests....The movie basically tells of the lives of sex workers (both prostitutes & gigolos) in a rather unique manner....I have to say this movie is rather dry but seriusly quite sort of make you see things in the perspective of the sex workers and the things they go through...not only do you get it in the sex workers life, you even get it from the mummy pimp point of view and even a transvestite point of thing I didn't really like about the show was when the gigolo and the transvestite was having a go..(MENTAL IMAGE + what you see is totally gross!!!!)...the actors and actresses inside are not those popular ones but definately did quite a good job...worth the watch...(Image from

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