Thursday, January 25

2nd Last Day In Malaysia: Hangout With Old Mates Part 1

Note: Yeh public holiday tmr!!!! SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP!!

After going to bed so late the day before...I grodgily got out of bed and send Mandy to work because I needed her car that day to run some errands for me dad...after sending her to work, I went back for a quick get ready before meeting up with my Tai Yee and her hubbie for breakfast..had bak kut teh along Jalan Setapak..
After saying my good byes to my aunt and uncle I then went to Sunway to do my errands...Yes had to drive all the way to Sunway for that...yawn I'm so sleepy!!! Since I was around PJ area, after picking up dad's stuff called Vern up and forced him to accompany me and entertain me until dinner...(well he has to right??after all why else would you take time off from work??) yes to catch up with the nice sweet anyways went out for lunch at SS2 because Vern said the porridge there very nice..and seriusly I haven't been very healthy lately (wait since when was I ever healthy anyway?)..we got the porridge steamboat...and one look at it my eyes were like oh my god!! so huge!!! and didn't I just have breakfast a few hours back???I still haven't digested it yet...luckily Vern is a big eater..phewww

After a really heavy lunch, I followed Vern to go to University Hospital to get his stethoscope fixed...since we were still early, we then decided to go back to his house and just bum around before going to The Curve there for a movie and dinner..On the way to the movie just for old time sake, we went by my old house to see what it look about can the new tenants colour the house yellow????ok lah I admit the gate is better than my old gate...but yellow????and dunno why the house just look so weird now....feeling kinda depressed looking at it actually....*sigh* this is by the way the house I have stayed since I was 9 years old....:( :(

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