Friday, January 26

2nd Last Day In Malaysia: Hangout With Old Mates Part 2

Note: Just finished watching Happy Birthday with Heidi and about a come out more mung than usual...

After driving past me old house in Part 1, Vern and I decided to go to The Curve there first to catch a movie...and yes we went for The Grudge 2..why???well because of Edison loh...hai who call him to be so darn cute until I know the movie suck also I still go just to see him...after Edison died, Vern and I just no more paid attention to movie and went to toilet..haha darn the drinks!!!!

After movie, we managed to catch up with Hui Yee....and then decided since we are waiting for Cammie for dinner...we would go for our pre dinner drink at Starbucks...Sort of forgot what we had to drink..but atleast we still got some pics old times..just 3 of us sitting down yum cha and gossiping like nobody business... I MISS THOSE DAYS!!!!

WHERE IS CAMMIE???!!!! me hungry!!!!!! to be continued

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