Saturday, January 27

2nd Last Day In Malaysia: Hangout With Old Mates Part 3

Note: Aus day and me loving it to the max....not that I give a shit about today lah but is kinda nice just relaxing a chilling out...hmmmm

Continuition from Part 1 & Part 2 (is just because I have too many pictures taken!!!)

The food in Sakae Sushi...ok ok lah...nothing grand lah...but the surrounding is very nice..although jam packed full....but most importantly is the company mah!!! Actually Hui Yee, Vern and me were so hungry we just went there first..and waited for Cammie to come while filling our stomach with sushi...haha yes this is what happens when you are late!!! Spent a while in this place (hey we waited so long for seats we are staying there till we are contented!)...I ordered the chicken katsu don (yes I was sort of craving for that) and Hui Yee got the beef...Ee Vern ordered the teppenyaki set.....and what I love bout this place???we order food via the computer there..just too high tech liao...I am just amazed!!! (yes these small little things that make me happy)

Half way down our meal, Cammie finally came..we were like finally because was wondering how can she be so late!!! (after all she does stay like 5-10 minute away from The Curve)..that was when she admitted she went home to sleep wonder!!! she finally then ordered her food (I forgot called what lah!) and we started chatting the whole night away....she even showed us the tattoo she got a few weeks back..freaking cool men..yes me also want one..but me too chicken already...hehe

After dinner, we just walked around aimlessly thinking on where to go next...hmmm should we go drink or go starbucks again??so many ppl around!!!! and also busy messaging Jun Ching (whom I haven't seen for 3 years...yes no matter what you have to come out!) but finally we then decided be continued (too long liao this post for me..hehe)

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