Monday, January 29

2nd Last Day In Malaysia: Hangout With Old Mates Part 4

Note: Came in today at has to sit for scholarship exam for this private high school..fingers crossed he will get it (fees is about AUD 23K a year)

Continuition from Part 3

Finally after walking around and looking for a place to sit down (yes The Curve was just fully packed with people)..we then decided to just sit at Heaven (which by the way already close down..or maybe change name??)..but the most important thing was finally Jun Ching arrived!!! Haven't seen him for 3 years...everytime I go back is either I was busy or he is busy..but my god he changed so much compared to last time (attributed to hair and hmm marriage maybe??) but yes first time we saw him after he got married...(still remember those days he used to be like so playful and so duh...haha matured liao lah!!!)..

Really good that all of us manage to catch up together finally...I think it has also been a long time Hui Yee and Ee Vern haven't seen Jun Ching...we started talking and trying to remember which other "friends" that we haven't seen for a while...and yes we just drilled it down to 2 person that we haven't seen for a long time and no news bout them (won't name names...but after I came back from Msia I did sms both of those ppl up...and even met up with one of yes now I can happily say that I'm still keeping in touch with those ppl from my old gang..) I miss those IMU times!!! The time of us just being immatured kids, our heck care attitude, the fun we have, the drinking sessions we have, the chor dai dee sessions, our "supposed" studying sessions in the library (and well anywhere else), yum cha sessions etc....Wish I can just turn back time back to that time.....really one of the best years of me life....

Oops anyway back to Heaven (literally speaking), we manage to take pics (although much editing were needed due to background always seems to be the toilet signs!!!) and catch up..drinks here were ok ok lah...although I was laughing my head off when Jun Ching ordered the strawberry milk shake (just seem a little G.A.Y to me???) and I ordered the Mango Milk Tea...(superbly sweet even to a sweet tooth person like me)...Cammie and Vern got the Tiger Beer (you alcoholics)..and I forgot what Hui Yee got...was trying to figure out from the pic..when I saw this really cute guy in the background..hmmm how come I didn't notice him that time???? wonder who he is??? some more got glasses (click on picture to enlarge and see clearer)...hmmmmmmmm

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