Monday, January 1

Animation Review

Flushed Away: Quite nice animation. Very very funny...with a little bit of the english air...the soundtrack for this is actually quite nice...just love those slugs singing...they can make one of the best acapella around...sing so in unison and always at the right timing....and I actually thought Hugh Jackman suited the role so well to be the voice of the main character. Another character or characters worth mentioning are the french frogs....WAS SO BLOODY CUTE!!!! haha especially the ninja french frogs...cute but dumb!!! Wouldn't mind watching it again funny (Image from

Happy Feet: Total waste of for an australian production well you sort of expect something better than come on men think Finding that was good...Happy Feet was just plain lame...the music in it is ok ok lah but nothing new...I think either too many animation is coming out or something making this animation one of the worse I've seen....even my brother hated it (and he usually likes all animation) come on men the penguins weren't even cute!! well except for the amigo penguins...those were cute... (Image from

Shrek: Best animation to come out in a long long time....story was nice..put a nice twist in what we call fairy tale!!! pretty princess turning ugly..and take the ugly ogre instead of prince charming!! this is what I call fairy tale gone all wrong....but hey atleast they didn't take away the happily ever after!!!!! and shrek was kinda nice and sweet in his own humoungous way..and donkey...owww such a pain in the arse but oww so cute!

Shrek 2: Most important thing that ever came out from this movie.....PUSS IN BOOTS!!!! come one men everyone got to admit donkey was the cutest thingy from the first movie...but no one can beat the little senor puss in boots!!!!! with the accent!! and those oh so lovely just can't help but say OOOOWWWWWW....story wise I didn't think it was too far off from the first installment of Shrek..I do think the first one was way much better!!!

Shrek 3: Yeh the 3rd installment of one of the best animation...I think what I really like about Shrek would be the fact that they always tie it in with things already known and try to make a show out of this time there was appearance from Snow White, Cindereolla, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty....and wooo donkey even had his moments..I was laughing my head off when he tried to look like puss in boots with those nice teary eyes...owww..the movie this time was about the kingsdom of Far Far Away being captured by Prince Charming and how Shrek was looking for the heir for the throne in Arthur (yup Arthur..even Merlin and Lancelot made an appearance)..hilarious!!!! (Image from

Surf’s Up: Most importantly, this show was way way much better than Happy Feet..I actually quite like this movie….had some good moments…and is funny without being too lame!! The story is about penguins and surfing…really quite cute..although I think they exaggerated the surfing part a bit too much….but cool show and definitely worth going for….and this is when compared to Happy Feet which was such a horrible show! (Image from

The Simpson's Movie: The most anticipated movie for a while....who doesn't love to watch The Simpson's? Ever since I came to Australia it has been on the television every single day, I can't watch it over and over again and not feel bored...this time was maybe a bit different since is way way way much longer...I thought it was still funny...and although some ppl sort of felt it dragged a bit in the middle..I actually didn't feel so...the humour of the show is still if you are expecting something new compared with the series then I don't think you would expect much....just treat it like 3 episodes of The Simpsons combined together...and although most of the normal characters from the show was featured in the movie...I felt they should have put more of those rather than introducing new characters...I have the tune of the "spider pig" song stuck in my head now!!!! that part was hilarius!!!(Image from

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