Monday, January 1

China Movies

A Battle Of Wits 墨攻: Apart from the fact that this show is full on Andy Lau and an overload of Andy Lau, I have to say this show is quite good...the fighting scenes were damn good..just well a little bit too little money put into it to make it like "WOW IT IS FREAKING GOOD"....but definately worth a watch...some of the ppl there are korean too...haha much to Heidi's delight..and there is the comeback of Nicky Wu (which I haven't seen in ages) but so minor the role so yes forgettable lah...:D (Image from

Curse Of The Golden Flower 满城尽带黄金甲: Well it is a much talked about movie with like Gong Li and Chow Yun Fatt in I thought it should be good....with Jay in it..well that needs to be thought more to me it wasn't that great...felt like it was copying a lot from The Banquet movie...fighting scenes were good and the type that I really like...Chow Yun Fatt was just well old and doesn't seem to feel his presence...Gong Li I have to admit was pretty good..Jay sorry to say I give him like a total of 10 min max appearance in the show..totally negligible and was just put there I presume to increase viewership (from those die hard Jay fans..but if I were them I would be totally dissapointed!) (image from

Fearless 霍元甲: I was duped...this was suppose to be a good Jet Li show one that he said will be the last costume thingy he acts in..and the show was so so bad..I don't get the show...and well I hated it just so boring, over use of Jet Li...just bad..I thought the story line to the show was just damn pathetic...a total no no no for maybe he just wanted to do the show to insult the gwailo??? well cannot be if he plans to put this show in gwailo countries right??but I thought the storyline needs to be drastically worked on...and why in the world did he ask for an OST by Jay Chow when I didn't even hear it??? (image from

Secret 不能說的秘密: Jay Chou directorial debut...and warning to people like me who is not a huge fan of Jay Chou...THE SHOW IS FULL OF HIM!!! I have to say I expected this show to be shit....but well it was alright and above average...storyline is ok..but the title seriusly gave it away so it wasn't a surprise to what happen in the end...the music from the show was really good and paid huge tribute to Chopin (yes for those music lovers)..and the songs written by Jay was pretty good...just a huge warning that the show ending is weird and does not make any logical sense whatsoever...I had more questions stuck in my head after be prepared and warned! (Image from

The Banquet 夜宴: I really liked this movie....the designs and the stuffs inside were so pretty and the story was quite good...I think Zhang Zi Yi really acted her part here as a manipulative hero men...Daniel Wu unfortunately dissapointed me here big time..I think he is acting in shows that does not potray him very well nowadays...He really need to buck up and start making everyone go like him again!!!! But the story is definately quite good and yes I think is a must watched movie.... (image from

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