Tuesday, January 23

Chocalate A Girl's Best Friend

Note: I'm really so sick of doing experiments already...one more year of PHD and I'm feeling so not motivated...just wish is all over and done with!!!! HELP!! I need motivation!!!

Superbly backdated post: Was browsing trough some pics and found this pic lying around...and once I saw that delicious chocalate cake I just couldn't leave it there without putting the pic up!!!! Actual event occured on 15 March 2006

Ok I know I've been back to KL twice last year...and I'm still putting up post on the 2nd trip back....so thought might as well put this post here first...yes this was when I went back for me grandma's dinner and I had one week in KL doing well nothing much but to catch up with friends and shopping....and one person I managed to caught up with would be Kok Choon...yes haven't seen him in a while...but I chat with him so much online so definately must go out ma!!! and he bought along King...well dunno him very well but I think I met him once in mamak before with other people...the venue of the day was Chili's Grill & Bar....why we went there??? you know what I have no bloody idea..not me think mah...but going back here after so long really brings back fond memories....not with KC or King lah...but when me in high school I remembered I always used to come to Chili's a lot...hai...those were the days....

Chili's didn't really change...menu just changed a little but atleast we still get topless drinks!!! haha yes ice lemon tea here me come...I had the fajitas because well I didn't feel like a lot of meat (shock surprise surprise)..KC and King both ordered the chicken breast (yes they had to stress on the breast word...what can I say??)..and KC said definately must leave room for the chocalate cake mah..and yes how right he was...the chocalate cake was heavenly...mmmm i have like the weakest spot for nice warm cake with nice cold ice cream and warm chocalate sauce..yes the feeling of it is just heavenly!!! mmmm ok now my mind just can't seem to stop focusing on the cake! but hey as the title says chocalate is always me best friend..... :D

Hmmm come to think of it next stop back to KL in June must visit Chili's again...this time just for dessert...muahahaha

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