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English Movies

300: This fillm has like the "wow" factor all over it....been shown worldwide for so long..and finally after an agonising one month of waiting (and hearing how good it is), it finally arrived in Sydney..and OMG the reviews were so right...this movie was just amazing..the graphics, the battles, the is like a mix of gladiator, LOTR and sin city all at one go...I've always loved all this ancient story things and this is no exception....definately worth the wait...(Image from

Beowulf 3D: I would like to stress here on the 3D the show only in 3D because the normal version would definately not match up to is definately up to standards and does not fail to provide the blood, the fight and the controversy...I think this show was based on a poem written by I don't know who...talks about Beowulf getting rid of "monster" Grendel...and after claiming he killed Grendel's mother (which he didn't because he slept with her), he was given the crown to a kingdom...he ruled the place for many years until his "dragon son" came back to haunt him...and the story goes on....very computer modified..but the characters definately still looked like the actors...good graphics...(Image from

Borat: Hilarious hilarious hilarious... but also very disturbing at parts...especially the part where he was naked and wrestling with another guy...prob was the other guy was extremely fat (make that obese) and arghhh the scene was just bad bad bad...arghhh (trying my best to get the image out)...most of the shots here were impromptu so is kinda different to your other day average movie...and I heard it won a Golden Globe Award so yes a definite must watch...well just make sure you don't have kids in your house watching it and you should be alrite...:D now just have to get rid of my brother before I watch it (Image from

Casino Royale: Definately not one of the best James Bond movie...I still like Pierce well this guy just ain't keng enuff...and he just ain't charming enuff either....there is something not right about him...which I can't seem to explain....he is also one of the most FULL OF ATTITUDE Bond....yes his ego has got to be so super big compared to the rest....the show was bloody long and draggy...I think the part at the ending was totally unnessary..fighting scenes were good...but as I said draggy story line so be prepared (Image from

Fantastic Four: Super cool show men….been waiting for this show to come out for a really long time…..didn’t really like the part where there was a romance between The rubber dude and the invisible woman….dunno why just feels wrong…as much as I felt irritated with the fire guy for being such a spoilt brat I do think his powers are really cool…Julian McMahon seriously makes a good villain…well done!!! A must watch
(Image from

Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer: The first movie was way much better….I don’t know why maybe is the colour of the movie or something that makes me don’t really like it..and Jessica Alba as hot and pretty as she is looks pretty bad in here..I think is her make up….the tanned look does not suit her at all!!! The storyline itself was kinda confusing but you sort of pick it up after that…I still wish I got their powers men..especially the part where I can go invisible…hai
Image from

Grudge 2: Only one reason why I watched this..yes Edison Chen was inside...if you ever looked into my review on Ju On you would realise how I hated this movie...but Edison Chen was in this!!! but I fell asleep on the 2nd installment of Ju On...but Edison Chen is in this...but chances are this movie will suck to the max and you are wasting your money...but Edison Chen is in this...but American remake of Grudge you didn't even watch....but Edison Chen is in this and not that....ok ok I guess I proved my point enough I think...just need to add on that the very moment Edison Chen character was killed...straight to the toilet I strolled...taking my own sweet urmm maybe I should have just left eh??? (Image from

Harry Potter And The Philosopher's Stone: The super long awaited movie from the most popular book ever!!! not to mention one of the books that is well liked by kids and adults world wide!! I have to say though that I think the book was way better..the movie just doesn't bring the same magic the book does to me...maybe is because of too high an expectation...I don't know....but the movie is ok though for those people who haven't read the book although you might be a little confused by it advice from me read the book! (Image from

Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secret: Ahhhh the series in where Ginny comes into the story as Ron's little sister...hehe won't bother saying further than that...but anyway the movie was about how the trio discovered the chamber of secret and Ginny was a victim of Voldemort in the book....and who can forget the cool part about cars flying?? that is one thing I always dreamt of....don't you just wish you got magical powers?? and is it me or does Dobby the house elve seems to bear a slight resemblence to Smeagol in Lord of The Rings?? (image from

Harry Potter and The Prisoner Of Azkaban: The only book of the whole series which has no Voldemort coming up..and my favourite book so far of the whole 7-logy...I think is because I felt that Sirius Black is such a nice person and the relationship between Harry and him is so sweet....but to a lot of people I would think this series has got to be the most boring one because seriusly nothing much really happen around here...but one thing I really like from this is the cute little thing Hermione had to turn back time...I need one of those!! imagine all the things I can do by going back in time....(Image from

Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire: Woo I was so awaiting this show to come out...because of the Triwizard Competition and I just wanted to see how well they did the backdrop and the me it was quite I would imagine it to be...this is my 2nd favourite so far of the book and yes I'm atleast more ok with it compared to the prisoner of azkaban story....a bit rushed too but atleast the story was well developed...and men it was kinda sad watching cedric died but well that is how the writer wrote so can't really change it right? I especially quite like the part where the world quidditch competition was taking place....that scenes there was absolutely marvelous....really made it feel so real...yes that was a much as I like from this movie... (Image from

Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix: I heard that this movie is bad...and men how so true what was said...all the harry potter movies coming out is getting from bad to just does not give the wonderful books any justice whatsoever!!! I felt this movie was rushed rushed and rushed...and it was only 2 hour worth of show...they should have seriusly expanded on this movie and make it longer..atleast I won't feel so rushed and confused! the story basically picks up from the last show where Lord Voldemort have arisen back...the big hoo hah woo the show would be the kiss between Harry Potter and Cho Chang...absolutely the book itself, that kiss was nothing...dunno why they bother making such a big hoo hah over this for...sheesh!!! seriusly read the book!!! (Image from

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days: Old show I know...but I did wanted to watch it last time...and I did..except the stupid vcd spoilt when I was watching the 2nd disc!!! so yes it was one of those half watched movie..until tv decided to show obviously I watch lah...or more like I have bloody no life on a friday night!!! but it is quite funny and well any feel good movies is what I like...esp those funny love ones...(Image from

I Am Legend: The phrase "Imagine being the last man on earth" was enough to make me want to watch the show...I have to say the show is a little farfetched...and sort of slow in my eyes throughout the whole show...except the ending where it was hastily rushed to the point I was left dumbfounded...another one of those show I have more questions than answers....but ah well it is atleast a show to keep me entertained for 100 minutes...(Image from

Lord Of The Ring: Fellowship Of The Ring: Much hyped about movie...everyone say that is going to be a classic..very were all super good...impossible to get the movie ticket without booking...but yes we manage to get it..and for a 3 hour show..I have to say is the best spent 3 hour I ever paid come on men...there was nothing wrong or nothing to insult about the movie...yes it was a much shorter version compared to the book...but I think the director really had it all planned out...from the original book he took some from the other chapters and put it in this and put the original one for this in the 2nd one just to make it flow better...just a work of a genius...I'm amazed.....and Legolas....such a cutie!!!!!(Image from

Lord Of The Ring 2: Two Towers: After the success of the first show..I was waiting for this show like nobody business..yes even to the extent of forcing a certain someone to please go buy the ticket because I want to watch it fast!!!! and yes it definately lived up to its how can a sequel be so good???? it is totally unheard of!!! the action scenes, the costumes, the other movies so far match up to the just felt so real!!! and it was chi kik...yes I can't wait for the next and final installment....Most people say this movie was going to be the most boring...but I think it really proved everyone wrong (Image from

Lord Of The Ring 3: The Return Of The King: The final and most exciting part of the trilogy...yes we finally can see the ending of this wonderful trilogy....the movie was very focused on Frodo now...well that comes as no surprise because he is the one with the ring....yes in this movie he finally became the brave one he so should be..although his weakness sometimes annoys me...but well it is true to the thing I was quite dissapointed was the final part of this movie was rushed..I just felt that they should have expanded it a bit and not cut off a lot of stuffs from the book....(Image from

Mr Bean's Holiday: The long awaited sequel to Bean the Movie shown 10 long years ago!!! This one is way much funnier than the first one...less scripts more laughs...and everything funny of Mr Bean is put in this movie....I was laughing my head off!!! Heard this is going to be the last Bean movie so MUST SEE MUST SEE...the small little boy in the movie reminds me so much of Macauley Culkin..cute and mischevious....2 thumbs up!!!(Image from

Ring: I've watched the Japanese version and I've got so confused all thanks to indo subtitles that I thought is about time I watch the American remake of it...and well in English should be easier to understand right???? and yes I have to admit the american version definately made it so much more simpler and not as complex...and yes my brain can finally comprehend it and not feel pain due to numerous scratching!!! Naomi Watts however annoys me...I dunno why but she is just not my cup of tea when comes to actress of choice (i think she copies too much of Nicole Kidman!) (Image from

Rush Hour 3: I'm a sucker for cheap comedy ok! so when this show came out obviously I had to go to keep the set complete....truthfully speaking I think rush hour 2 was better and funnier...although this movie was quite funny as well...Most scenes were from Paris. Definately should watch Rush Hour 1 before starting on this because some of the people from Rush Hour 1 came back for this show...Plot is about some japanese dude working for a triad and is employed to kill the Chinese Ambassador and his daughter...and the 2 jokers (Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker) trying to protect them...Image from

Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace: Having seen the last 3 episodes of this trilogy, when I watched this I sort of felt wow...when I was young and watched the last 3 episodes it was great..this time even greater...the effects, the about the wonders of technology....The only thing I didn't really like about was that well it just didn't seem dark enough for me...this movie has always been to me atleast a really dark movie and full of fighting and stuffs..and this just didn't really cut it for me...I have no idea why...but I do think Anakin Skywalker when he was young is so awfully look at the cheeks pinchable!!!(Image from

Star Wars Episode 2 Attack Of The Clones: This has got to be the episodes where you can feel this is more of a love story than was when Anakin Skywalker has grown up and is now a man....and when he saw his first love Padme..they fell in love....and of course you can also start feeling all the terrible things that would occur later on....the special effects here was also really good....fighting scenes were just tops...but I really do think this was kinda draggy....maybe because I knew what was happening and going to happen..just didn't give me a big kick....(Image from

Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge Of The Sith: This has definately got to be the darkest of all Star Wars they really mean it when they say is dark!!! You can really feel the pain and agony...and yes the 2 lovebirds cannot be together....and I really felt quite disturbed looking at how Anakin Skywalker became the person he is...losing practically more than half his body..yes we finally see why Darth Vader is Darth Vader and why he uses that weird mask to disturbing men the scenes!!!! but atleast a lot of questions were answered which is always good...(Image from

Star Wars Episode 4 A New Hope: My first star wars movie..infact wait this has to be the first movie I actually watched..when me still a little kid...remembered having to bug my parents to explain a lot of things to me....but I quite like this episodes..all the big scenes...I was like full on amazed men..all my cartoons last time didn't look that real....I especially remembered the light sabers they were damn cute men....after that I was bugging my parents to buy me somethings that look like those...ahhh kiddies time..(Image from

Star Wars Episode 5 The Empire Strikes Back: I really like this episode a lot...I don't know why...maybe because it didn't feel as scary as the first one I watched (meaning the 4th episode lah)...and I liked Yoda so funny..little but super keng powers....and come on men this episode was the episode we heard the classic line "Luke I'm your father" haha like no one expected Darth Vader to be Luke Skywalker dad ok....and also found out Luke Skywalker twin sister was Leia...yes this movie was so getting twisted...(Image from

Star Wars Episode 6 Return Of The Jedi: The last episode of this great sixlogy (haha ok ok me just invented a word)...watched this when I was young....yes when we had to wait for it to be aired on TV..this has got to be the happiest ending of Star Wars men (wait Episode 1 phantom menace also quite happy ending lah)..but in here we saw Darth Vader becoming good to kill of the evil sith...we saw Hans Solo getting married in the end with Leia (although I think is a little bit dysfunctional relationshop) and Luke Skywalker well not dead!!! and it was kinda cute at the end when they married and they have Yoda and the ghost of Obi Wan Kenobi hanging around..but yes good ending to a great show!!(Image from

Ring 2: Since I fell asleep in the japanese version of Ring 2 I had no choice but to watch the american version of it...and since the first installment of Ring did make me understand the show I thought Ring 2 should also do the same...truthfully speaking I definately didn't like this remake...I think the jap one was better (although I fell asleep)...dunno why...Naomi Watts just didn't give me I dunno motherly feeling like the jap woman did...and yes I'm saying Naomi Watts killed the show for me....(Image from

The Da Vinci Code: Not as great as I expected it to be...compared to the book this movie was just rushed rushed and rushed....I guess you sort of can understand since the book was pretty thick..but I think there were a lot of parts where it could have done without and a lot of parts which just needed to be expanded more..Tom Hanks here did a good job lah sort of you can really see him fitting the role a lot.....I wouldn't bother watching it again I think reading it would be better but if you are one of those lazy ass..then go ahead and watch it...but trust me when I say you would get very confused!!! (Image from

The Departed: Definately does not match up to Infernal Affairs!!! Like you would expect Hollywood version of it to be much better and more action packed...I didn't think so!!!! not to mention the frequent use of coarse language just got to the point of enough is enough...they did follow the story of the Infernal Affair but they rushed through it so much (well that is why Infernal Affair was a trilogy!) but I guess if you are not a HK flick buff like me then watch this version....(Image from

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