Sunday, January 28

Enlightenment: Why I no interest in Aussie blokes

Note: Yesterday was just a full on bad luck day...Broke me favourite slippers while running (and again in the middle of a shopping complex) the end had to go barefooted back to the car...arghhh...and when I got back was so pissed off with the slipper went to throw it down the garbage chute...and my car keys went with it!!! how more stupid can I get??!!!!!!

Apart from all the bad luck I got yesterday, I also finally realised why I really can't stand Aussie blokes (fine I admit this might be a bit bias (basing this on ppl I see not know), racist (well I'm only focusing this on Aussie guys) and jure pure bitchiness but is my personal opinion ok!)...

1) Aussie guys just think of current things and not future things: Seriusly most aussie guys I see around they don't give a shit about their future...although it is a good thing to lead a slack life and just enjoy the moment sort of thingy I really do think they bring it a bit too far....yes some ppl might actually like this sort of attitude..but you think it would last the long run???

2) Aussie guys most of time is pissed and drunk: I dun know why but everytime I think of Aussie guys all I can think of is how pissed and drunk they are..and is just not the normal drunk and pissed compared to Malaysia, the ppl here well they drink practically anytime they can...get pissed by 8pm..and start terrorising the streets with their attitudes...I just find it so disturbing like why they like to do that to themselves...drinking and getting pissed is fine with me...but being a jerk down the streets and embarassing yourself is just too much...and this sort of articles about young guys getting drunk are usually quite frequently seen in newspaper....and need I even get started on the Cronulla riot last time in 2005 that gave Sydney such a bad name (due to alcohol too)

3) Aussie guys never seem to save their money: not that I give a shit lah about whether they have money or not...but I do think having a bit of savings incase of emergency is good...but really go down the street and ask Aussie guys their savings are really practically nil!!! and I'm saying this because I saw this a few times walking around and seeing them begging for money, or terrorising pitiful drivers like me with their on the street car window cleaner (urmm maybe not cleaner lah since the water they use is so bloody dirty that your window just turn worse than before)...and I really hate those ppl ok...because most of the time ppl drivers would just ignore them and say "no" but they would just force themselves on your car windows that you have no choice but to pay them (as much as they say is alrite and is free...if you just drive off like would get endless cursing and the middle finger pointed at you!!!)..and yesterday was just low to the max, a few bunch of Aussie guys were rummaging through the clothes that some kind-hearted ppl left in front of St Vincent De Paul (charity)...and just taking all the good clothes away (I find this so it is suppose to be for the poor not for idiots like those)...some good samaritans (not me) scolded them and all the person got was some fowl languages and the mind your own business shit..hai

4) Aussie guys have no respect and manners: this might be a bit bias but I do notice that most of the time when I'm driving and a car passes by with loud music is always an aussie guy inside (and I really hate techno music so freaking loud!!) just the other day I was walking down the street with Heidi and Bernice and there was this loud music (really enough to think you were in a nightclub!) and it was just a guy inside the car (like shit men..he was so far away and I can hear....apatah lah that about being deaf soon)....and downstairs my house on weekends...always a bunch of aussie guys there drinking, smoking and talking so loud that you can hear their conversation...(and it is really very loud with loads of fowl language too)...there was once me actually told them to keep it down (and other ppl also lah)..but what do we get??? shut the F*** up bitch....yes they actually scold you back for telling them to keeping it down...(yes I got smarter now...I have the security at my house mobile number saved on my mobile phone now!) much as I hated Moral classes last time..i really think they need it men....(I once got told to f*** off when I was walking down the street minding my own business by a less than 10 year old boy too..)...

5) Aussie guys are definately not gentleman: Ok make that most guys lah...but yesterday 2 of them really pissed the shits out of me..I was about to park my car in this spot I so luckily got (super near where I was having lunch)..and out of the blue this van just came swerving through the corner and went in to my spot!!!! (yes I was definately just dumbfounded that time to even let them get in)...and I obviously honked them...and you know what they did??gave me the third finger and laughed while they adjust their parking...WHAT BASTARDS!!!! luckily nearby someone got out so I parked my car there...when I got out of my car I just gave them such an evil stare...and all they did was just showed me their muscles (they were topless by the shame idiots)..and I just sneered away and cursed under my breath (well they were 2 of them and i was alone there...and my mum was waiting for me for lunch nearby..not to mention I really dun want to waste my breath on idiots like those)..bastards bastards bastards..curse them diarrhoea for the rest of their lives!!!!!

And everyone seem to be asking me to get an Aussie guy...... If they only knew!!!

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