Wednesday, January 24

Finally Back To KL!!

Note: Ok I finally finished the War & Destiny drama bloody sleepy now men...backside itchy so late also still watch...and I blame it on the new season of NCIS (make me waste one hour watching it when I could have slept one hour earlier).....Really wish I can just stop time for a while...then I would sleep my whole day away...and today's weather is so gloomy and rainy...arghh perfect weather to sleep

After my flight delay back to KL, I finally touched down in KLIA...had to get a taxi back to Mandy house since she was still working...was so jammed going back that I was in the taxi close to 2 talk about tiring..and I had like this malay taxi driver who just can't seem to stop talking!!! all i wanted to do was to sleep!!! (but then also I wouldn't lah later something happen to me I die...)

Anyways reach back to Mandy's house and just manage to dump everything down when Denise called me say she is coming soon to go dinner...hmmm ok no problems...Mandy met us downstairs and we went for dinner somewhere behind Hospital Tawakal....the place where we wanted to go the last time but didn't have the chance to..this time atleast it was open and I finally get to taste the supposed fried rice cake which was very good..the place well for some might look dodgy but where else to get good food??? and I really enjoyed the food here..the hokkien mee was so nice..fried fish cake, fried squid and fried lala was just excellent..and as much as I hate vegetables I quite like the vegetable soup...(and yes Jason was still trying to force some vege onto my plate!! I got smarter!!) The one thing Jason and I didn't touch and which my two lovely cousins nicely enjoyed was the pork intestines...there is just this thing about it that make me dun like it...and intestines??urmmm sorry dudes me go for the main parts!!!!

After dinner, we went back home, and I gave Mandy the stuff I got her..yes some Korean goodies that I got from Insa Dong..and the figurines of a married couple...yes cousin there is a big hidden meaning in there (for you and for me lah!!!) haha hope that gives you something nice to display on your cabinet!!! (come to think of it there yet??) and hmm forgot to ask you how did the eating stuffs went too....

After looking through the korean present, Mandy then continued watching the Goong while I decided to go wash my clothes...but then in the middle of it got a call from Vern and Lih Hwa asking me go out yum cha since Lih Hwa was going to Penang the next day and that would means I won't be seeing her again till the next time I go yes dumped my washing just to go out with them...haha nice friend leh????

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