Monday, January 22

Half a day in Penang

Note: MY BUTT IS SO PAIN!!! Wait make that my back now...and oww what agony trying to get up from sitting position..damh the stupid fall!!! Make me so embarassed some more

Woke up from my beautiful slumber in Penang....well more like I forced myself to wake up..why???BREAKFAST IS INCLUDED WITH THE ROOM...and it ends at 10am...and guess what time I woke up??7am...yes dragged myself out of bed...and downstairs to eat...well I thought chances are so early less chance of seeing ppl meaning I can go down looking like a piece of shit..haha...and pheww luckily only a few old ppl there...and the buffet breakfast..hmmm good..there was roti canai..haha..After breakfast, went back to the room and sleep!!! and after I wake up again manage to take some photos of the room and of the beautiful scenery outside..yes I was staying quite high up..yeh!!!

After checking out, Heidi came with her friend to bring me for lunch and also send me to the airport...lunch was of course must have local food lah..decided with laksa since I wanted something spicy..but men this laksa is just full on little noodle full of barang...which is good lah...but pig blood clot???is it me or is this thing starting to be very popular??just gross lah!!!!!!

After lunch, since there was some time we then decided to go hiao a bit and go to fortune teller..wait make that we already made appointment with the fortune teller..after having some difficulty finding the place and the fortune teller himself being late....we finally manage to sit down and haha see into my future..what he said??haha well to cut long story short I'll be getting married this year (or more like August!!!)...haha let's see how true can that be....hmmmmmmmm...what else he said??well that is a conversation fit for yum cha one of these days eh??? didn't manage to sit long there lah after all I had a place to catch....and Heidi's friend was like speeding all the way there...and I reached the airport 20 minutes before my supposed departure!!! luckily the plane was delayed...phewww...never again will I be this rush again...stress about backside itchy...

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