Monday, January 1

Japanese Drama

First Love ファーストラブ: I dunno why I even bother starting with this drama...I think it was the time when I ran out of drama to watch and I have this sitting at yes i started it...and men did I ever regret was so bloody twisted...imagine older sister getting married with a guy (who happens to be the teacher of the younger sister whom she has loved for a while)...and you think that was twisted??the story went more twisted because it was the older sister who knew the younger sister loved the guy, and went out all her way just to get that guy to make the younger sister that is family love!!! (Image from

Long Vacation ロングバケーション : I only watched the show because I thought it was going to be interesting...the last jap drama I watched talk about boring love story...and the guy was suppose to look cool playing the piano (yes I have a weak spot for them) but this guy totally not cool at all...arghhhhh spoil my whole impression of pianist liao....girl supposed model..but yet don't even look!!!! but as usual happy ending so ok lah if you want to watch the show...but just be prepared because it is seriusly quite draggy...I think it was after this drama that I decided that jap drama was just not my cup of tea..unless of course there is a damn nice one outside (Image from

Love Generation ラブジェネレーション: One extremely twisted story again...jap dramas are full of this..the male lead is a playboy (super action type lah)...he loves this girl with all his heart lah since young but that girl is engaged to his brother...then there is this other girl in his office whom he always fight with but in the end they got together...twisted part comes when the girl he loved for so long decided she actually love him and not the brother...yes love triangle...but good also lah because the bastard of a brother of his also had an affair with another woman...hai why all these ppl so free one???? (Image from

Pride プライド: This show was damn good..well it just made Takuya Kimura look 10x cuter than he normally is lah..I think it has something to do with the ice hockey player image..haha...and the song really fit into the show very well (I was born to love you by Queen)...the girl was also quite pretty lah although if I was her I would be like strangling the male lead annoying at times...but the show was good..I quite like all this feel good ice hockey show lah..chi kik at times but at the ending they always win at the last minute...(image from

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