Monday, January 1

Japanese Movies

Death Note デスノート: After Ju On, I seriusly never bothered about watching anymore japanese horror come on men is such a waste of time, not even scary and half the time I'm trying to keep awake....But I was logging on one day and I found that shit this new jap horror movie has 2 really kinda cute guy!!! yes I'm easily convinced...too bad they don't show the movie here but yes I manage to stream it!! and truthfully speaking I really do wish I have powers like that...not that I want to kill anyone but well is cool to know I would have that type of power...definately worth the watch...I heard that it is a very popular anime too...hmm maybe I should go find it and watch it...(Image from

Death Note 2 The Last Name デスノート2: I've been like waiting to watch this movie for so long..yes even to the extent of sacrificing my sleep and driving all the way to Kaka's house to watch it at 11pm...and I even endure the part of the DVD having horrible english subtitle that we had to change to chinese subtitle...luckily I read reviews on it so I know what was happening and can sort of more or less guess the chinese words...the movie??? I still think the first one is better because there was more drama in it...but this one was seriusly quite good too...I feel the hero of the show L here was quite good while Kira mainly acted like a crazy person...felt also that Misa was really annoying..and hmmm the way L died was so nice...eating chocalates...death by chocalate...felt he was so "wai tai" to sacrifice himself just to catch need to watch this again with the proper subtitles!!! (Image from

Ju On 呪怨: I was told to watch movie...they said it was scary and they couldn't sleep after watching the show...well being me I guess I needed to find out what is all the fuss about....1 hour into the show I was feeling superbly sleepy and praying that the scary part would faster come the end of the show I was like that was scary??? I really dun know why but I think nowdays people are just pretending to be scared or something but I really really do not find any scenes scary in this show...even the part where he supposedly creeped under the blanket and frightened the girl...nope didn't scare me at all..they've got to do better than that!!!! (Image from

Ju On 2 呪怨2: I watched this right after Ju On 1..since Ju On one was not scary at all I was praying that Ju On 2 would be much better and well give me the supposed scare and fright....but well all I can say is and I thought Ju On 1 was bad...the second one is just not even scary, not frightening and yes I fell asleep in the middle!!! like there were so many different people dying and totally so unconnected that I got so confused and sleepy..did I bother watching it again after that?? Hell no are you kidding me...first thing I did in the morning return the DVD and scolded the person for giving me such useless unscary shit....(Image from

Ring リング: I seriusly got superbly confused in this show..and I blame it on the VCD I it was very clear...problem was the subtitle was in Indonesian!!! and I would like to stress here that Indonesian malay and Malaysian malay is totaly different!!! infact I was scratching my head thinking of the meaning of some of the it just makes me wonder how they can be so different...the movie itself was ok..I thought the story was alright just well not scary at all???but atleast there is a flow to it so yes a little bit more logical....I think a lot of people found this scary because of the part where the girl supposedly comes out of the well and white dress fair girl with super long wet and uncombed just scary for some me kinda normal..doesn't most girls look like that now??? :D (Image from

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