Monday, January 1

Joint Birthday Celebration @ Morgan's

Note: Happy New Year Everyone!!! First New Year I actually didn't bother doing anything. Maybe is a sign of getting old but just didn't have the mood to celebrate....I like peace and quiet now....New Year resolution for this year..none, zero, zilch, tak ada...why? because I never bother keeping it anyway so why bother making one for??

Backdated celebration: Actual celebration occured on 4/11/06

Since I've been posting so much on Korea and neglecting other things that is happening in my life between then and now thought I should put up this post...apart from the fact that I have so many things to put up and so many pictures to modify, I was looking through the photos for this birthday since I keep forgetting to pass the pics to you know who you are...So sorry yeh the photo links would be sent to you right after me write this post.. :D

As you can see we had a mass joint bday celebration for me, Heidi, Amelia and Lindsey...well too bad lah for Kaka, Deasy and Cecilia who call you guys bday so not near ours??we are the Librans and the Scorpios..and since Heidi and I was at Korea around October and Amelia parents were here we had to delay a bit our celebration....well atleast we did have one right??? this time our bday was held at Morgan's at Darlinghurst...why this place?I have no idea but I think it was because Heidi and Kaka just did a search on the internet for somewhere near their lab....heard this place was pretty popular too...

So we met up (I won't say who was know who you are!) and we all walked to the restaurant....haven't met up for so long so we were also nicely chatting away and catching up on all the goss...most of us ordered the steaks except for Amelia who had the chicken, Lindsey had the fish and Deasy had the pasta....yes the rest of us are dying for red meat!!!! I particularly liked the sauce for my steak...I got the blue cheese sauce..mmmm rich and tasty...we then also ordered 2 of the nicest looking dessert to share...the creme brulee was amazing and the sticky date pudding...sweet sweet sweet I LOVE SUGAR!!!!

I didn't manage to take pics of the gifts since it was pretty hard to...but I got the new Jamie Oliver cookbook (haha yes I've put it to good use already) and blouses, Heidi got headphones (those super big ones which she likes..atleast we got you something you want!) and blouses, Amelia got a necklace while Lindsey got bracelet and earrings (which we then realised she doesn't have her ear pierced!!! go get it pierced Lindsey!!!!)

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