Sunday, January 21

Korea Day 10: Our very very last day in Korea

Note: Yesterday had to go marketing with my mum...had to go in to Market City to get some meat, black sauce and swiss roll for my brother....when I was walking back to the car, I slipped on the stairs (arghh so embarassing!!!)...luckily me didn't break the bottle of sauce...although my brother would have to be eating squashed swiss roll for the next few days... and hai my aching back and leg pain!!!!!!

After god knows how many posts I've put about Korea...It is finally the end (of course until I go there again..) but yes you can all access it under the Korea label anytime...and you can also see the photos on FlickR..the link is also at the sidebar..yes I've been doing some modification to the blog..just to make myself happy..haha..oops back to my last post of Korea...there we were staying for the past few days when we were by ourselves in Korea is the Tea Guest the accomodation from the tour2korea website..I would suggest going to this website before going to Korea...infact that was where I got the super informational guide book (almost as good as a Lonely Planet Guide Book)...and they give for free just have to sign up there...:D we purposely got the traditional type of accomodation..well since we are still young so presume we can rough it out a bit...was actually quite happy with the accomodation...had to share bathroom but that was alrite...the room was quite spacious (just we had too many bags..) and there is even a computer in the room (yes I felt closer back to civilisation getting back on internet)..prob was the computer was also the tv..haha technology is good!!! The Tea Guest is situated in between the 2 major palaces in Korea so yes they are all old buildings (or I should say heritage style) so yes nice and cosy!

We manage to get the innkeepers to help us get the airport accomadation to the airport.but before getting to the airport, we still had time for a short lunch at Insa Dong.after lunch we then went to the airport by tazi..hell a lot better than lugging out luggage to take a bus..haha..unfortunately we were so early at the airport that we still had time for desserts (well make that cheesecake and iceblended green tea)..but then we still had time after that...duty free shopping also done (got some ginseng wine for my parents and raspberry wine for Kaka)...thank god my eye sharp enuff...big big sign FREE EVENT..haha yes it was painting a fan...and since we had so much time to spend we then started getting our hands dirty...haha we finished just in time to get on our flight!!! :D

After touching down at Penang airport, we were greeted by Heidi's friend (which I forgot the name..darn)...then they were kind enuff to bring us for supper..yes I need to get some Penang food in my tummy...hehe CHOW KUEY TIOW..penang style (yes very penang style they fried it using charcoal)..yes and the night is completed with a bowl of lin chee kang..yes now I'm really satisfied...

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