Tuesday, January 2

Korea Day 4 Part 1: Kwonkuem Castle, Shinheung Temple & super yummy lunch (Dak Kol Bi & Bibimbap)

Note: First day back at work after almost 10 days holiday....feeling for today...crap many ppl still on holiday...I'm the only one in my lab too..hai lazy lazy lazy ppl..and this morning was such a perfect weather to sleep..raining....and after 10 days of not waking up at 7.30am...today is just plain torture!!!!!!

Back to Korea trip pics....you might be noticing there is less and less pictures coming up...well because seriusly the first few days were the hectic ones...the middle and the ending of the trip was just filled with bus rides!!! and since I was so lack of sleep during the trip...bus rides was the perfect opportunity to catch up on my beauty sleep.. :D So Korea day 4....how did it started..me grodgily waking up from my sleep..forcing myself to down the buffet breakfast (as you can see the lack of sleep is definately making my appetite decrease to the max...and I didn't even finish the food!!!)...since I wasn't eating much breakfast and Heidi being the usual Heidi walloping her food in record time we had quite a bit of time before getting on the bus....so yes we went to the playground nearby for a bit fun (well there was no kids there to fight with us!!!)

Our first stop for the day was Kwonkuem Castle...the 2nd highest peak in Korea....and it was a pretty misty day so yes we got good weather for this trip....gives it more of a mountain feel...and as much as I hate cable cars (I really need to get rid of this height phobia) I was really so glad there was one...means less to walk!!! hehe...so we got the cable car as far as it brought us..then we had to walk another 15 minute to the peak...is really quite a rocky area and I was like crap just dun fall down I'm fine...can't stand any more scars...so we just took picture around and go as high as we could....there was just so many ppl there!!!!!

After the rock climbing early in the morning...our next stop was actually super nearby (as in 5 minute walk) at the foot of the mountain to Shinheung Temple which have this super huge statue of Buddha...and I would like to stress on the super huge part!!! wouldn't be too surprised if it matches the size of the one in Macau....I heard that is big there too.. (not that I've been lah...next holiday stop!!!)

After the crowded visit to the mountain and temple we had to walk to our bus which was so far away because so many cars around..was a public holiday so everywhere is just jammed pack!!! Boarded the bus and yes another 3 hour drive to our next stop....and a nice nap for me!! haha our next stop Kosu Cave..and at the foot of the mountain we had our lunch Dak Kol Bi and Bibimbap..maybe I was super hungry from the lack of breakfast or the food was just damn bloody good I actually enjoyed lunch a lot..haha and bibimbap by the way has loads and loads of vege inside..but I was not bothered to slowly remove it so yes I just wallop it up...hehe well as the tour guide says you have to mix it very quickly because it was in one of those hot stone pot so slow in mixing means burnt rice!!!! but it was good...especially with the chilli sauce..mmmmmm...after the heavy lunch..next stop conquering the cave!! to be continued

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