Wednesday, January 3

Korea Day 4 Part 2: Kosu Cave & Chungju Lake Cruise

Note: Day 2 back at work and I'm so in a fowl mood...some idiots upstairs my house was making so much noise at 2am and worse playing what shit firecracker at the balcony....some honkie idiots since i can hear canto words...drunkards!!! but I got smarter and called security...and yes peace after that..muahaha

Continuition from Part 1

Kosu Cave was our next stop after a much much satisfying lunch...mmmm drooling already thinking about it now..hehe....Kosu Cave was super nearby and the tour guide said to walk the whole cave (by following the trail) takes around 1 well all I can say is hmm atleast is cooling inside!!! So what is so grand about this place?? well what the tour guide said it has loads and loads of jade of different colour in it....hmmmm jade not me cup of tea lah...but i guess for those auntie and uncles they sure like it a lot...and the rock formation (yes rocks again) is kinda of course they put weird names to everything but is nice to see how all the rocks formed in such weird ways..I especially like the one formation that has water being retained in it and they called it fairy bath..haha that was cute...and it does look so nice that makes you feel like jumping into it and just soaking yourself there..(but the tour guide said water there definately not yes my daydreaming is thrown once again out the window).. after we finish exploring the cave we went out to board the bus again only to realise that there were some granny missing...and i would like to say granny because she is pretty old (say around 70) and she did hurt her leg and none of us expected her to walk the whole cave (since it was slippery, lots of uneven surfaces) but she manage to do yes full respect men!! and notice the worm picture??hehe yes Korea seriusly have loads of it...and the smell...urghhh you can smell it from so far away...and the smell really wormish!!! me no like it!!!

Our next stop after Kosu Cave was a lake cruise...ahhh today seems to be a very relaxing day...what was the cruise about?? looking at rock formation again!! (by this time my interest in rocks has seriusly gone to the point I don't want to see rocks anymore) so what is the main thing we are suppose to look for??? The tour guide said it is good luck if you can find the rock that assemble a yes my eyes was looking out for it (which obviously I could not see)...and after he pointed the supposed turtle to me I was like WHAT??!! I dun see which part of it resemble a turtle!!! like can of you guys see it??? is the bottom left since I don't get any of these rocks I just entertained myself by taking pics and more pics of meself that is...hehe

After a very confusing and relaxing lake cruise we then took another long bus journey to our hotel in Suanbo...Hotel was quite good actually..I quite like the design of this gives it a very asian it has beds and they even provide you mattress for those wanting to sleep on floor....nice...and while looking through all the cupboards (well I do have very itchy fingers) I found this cute emergency escape rope by the way I was staying on the 3rd floor..even if there is fire also I would not dare use the rope lah!!!

Dinner that night was at the hotel itself because the surrounding area is really nothing!!! we had hot pot for dinner...I'm seriusly enjoying the food in Korea...all my type of meals..lots and full of meat...I will never go hungry!!!! After dinner we went out of the hotel and walked around because the tour guide said is good to buy some fruits there...not that I got any...but we did buy more alcohol and chips....after short walk we went back to the room to shower before yes another round of alcohol and chips!!! this time though I don't like the beer at it was pretty light when you drink it but the after taste of it is just bad bad bad...I no like!!!! Much prefer the other one from before....but the chips was nice nice nice....after having some short chat, beer and chips we then went back to the room for our lovely beauty sleep...going on tour is tiring!!!
Stay tune for the day 5 post...that is when we visited Everland (aka leng chai photo coming up!)

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