Thursday, January 4

Korea Day 5: Everland, Leng chai & Ginseng Chicken

Note: No more peace and quiet for me!! My mum and the brat is coming home today...I've got exactly 6 more hours to go before I have to go pick them up...and I'm spending it in the lab...damn!!!!

Been looking forward to putting up this post..because everytime I go to Korea the first thing ppl ask would be "got leng chai or not??" and when I say no leng chai but took pic with one I thought was leng chai but after zooming in so not leng chai..everyone would ask you see the pic...(and not the other 400 something pics...cis) so yes from the small pic he looks quite good..but if you click on the pic and enlarge it he sucks...hai wasted!

Anyways Day 5 started as usual me waking up but not awake...didn't even bother with breakfast since I really have no appetite at all...see how tired I was...but today was not going to be a very tiring day..just one visit to Everland Theme Park (the biggest theme park in Korea) and loads and loads of bus ride again.... we had to wake up early to go to the theme park because well we had to make sure we were first in so less to line up...but I guess the tour guide was right...we didn't have to line up for a lot of stuffs which is good..First up at Everland we had a group pic...see what I mean when we in a tour group so old??? leng chai!!! we also took pic with the tour leader Su En and Tour guide James...again no leng chai..haha but me keep insisting James is Heidi type...and the other pic there with the guy is my supposed leng chai...just dun zoom in lah...once zoom in no more leng chai but from far he quite cute what..hehe somemore with that cute hat..:D I really love visiting theme parks during special this time they had all the Halloween decor nice...I like...(hmm maybe next post should be about the Japan Disneyland trip...nice Halloween decor there too)..anyway back to this post...theme park was packed....nice pics to take...and we even went for the safari tour (a must do by the way) to see the special tiger mix with lion gene called the Liger...and the bear there so so huge..I was like if anyone from those animal conservation are here they would be so pissed..haha..the rides in Everland is just ok ok lah..nothing grand but so many ppl so quite annoying!!!! they have also the parks filled with colourful flowers and being the non nature loving person also quite impressed because it was really quite pretty looking and ooh so nice to take pics!!!hehe
After Everland we ate went to have korean BBQ somewhere nearby....and it was good good good...yes unlimited meat is always good....I'm starting to think that we have a good tour guide..the food he bring us to seriusly is damn nice..I like..hehe..and the side picture was the picture I took from the toilet...oww come on I really wish we have those here..I would be seriusly stuck in toilet playing like hell..haha

After a nice damn healthy in my mind lunch, we took a long bus journey to Seoul (yeh finally we get to go to the capital of Korea...where hopefully get to meet leng chai..haha)...first stop in Seoul I didn't take pics because it was in Myeondong and Namdaemun...aka shopping gala!!!! was so so packed..but trust my in Korea is damn nice....ok lah not as good compared to Msia because Msia is like cheap cheap cheap..but Korea has so much more varieties until my eyes was going to pop out!!! So after half a day of full on shopping (window type though) we then headed to our dinner venue which was ginseng of the popular korean dish...but you know me lah hate ginseng to the max so wasn't really looking forward to it..(after all I am the one who force my siblings to drink my ginseng for me secretly when my mum force me to drink it..hehe) but the dinner was super it doesn't taste like ginseng at all....but the ginseng wine was a super bad no no for me lah...can't drink it straight too bitter and too strong already...i just dumped it all in my soup...which made it taste much better..the chicken too was really good because it was boiled for like 2 super soft..and inside they stuffed glutinous rice and ginseng in it..and we eat it with noodles...broth, chicken & glutinous rice...what else can I ask for??!!

After dinner we then headed to our super nice hotel..the best hotel so far in Korea..Holiday Inn..haha yes we were very spoilt..and woo our hotel this time got those toilet machinery thing...Heidi and I were just full on playing with it...although some accidents did happen and the toilet was super wet after was stil worth the playing eh??? and need I even get started on the minibar??? full on equipped too bad cannot touch it...damn..but they definately had those small bottles of alcohol there which I so felt like just taking home for souvenirs..damn!!!

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