Monday, January 8

Korea Day 6 Part 1: Chinese Brekkie, President House and Palace

Note: This week is just starting to be a really crappy week...everything is just driving me nuts and a particular someone is just pissing the shits out of me...urghh..curses!!!!!

Day 6 in Korea started off quite good actually considering the fact we've been up practically all night talking with Su En!!!! was so sleepy I didn't really know what was for breakfast till the tour guide brought us to this chinese place and yes breakfast was me fav...yar char kwai..nothing by the way beats waking up early then a nice good old deep fried food!!! the oil...mmmmm...and soya bean too (although this soya bean was quite bad unsweet..FAIL!)...but the porridge and herbal egg was good..too bad they gave us limited egg....I didn't really touch the rest of the food because I was like urmmm isn't that a bit too much for breakfast?? Like I'm more than happy to live on the yar char kuai and the porridge men....
First stop for the day after breakfast was the president house..yes the President of Korea god knows what his name is stays here...(as you can see I'm seriusly not even bother to find out since it has nothing to do with me...and I doubt he is cute!)...wasn't a really interesting stop lah since we can't even go in!!! quite a waste of time actually but the area surrounding the place is quite beautiful...and I can't help notice the fountain they have about copying the one that is in UK in front of Buckingham Palace!!! haha...and as you can see from the pic...Heidi is totally lack of sleep!!!!
Next stop after the president house which we can't even go in was the cannot take picture Folklore Museum at the Kyongbok Palace vicinity..yes the day is starting to be a day I can't really take much pictures...all this restrictions here and there...arghhh my finger is so itchy dying to take pic!!!! anyways the Folklore Museum is the pic on the top is actually quite an interesting place to visit..and we did spend a lot of time here (much to the horror of our tour guide who was thinking that it was going to be a quick stop)..reason being well it does tell a lot of Korea history in it and there is so many things to read...and most importantly is air conditioned!!! ahhhhh nice...after being forced to leave such nice cool place we had to walk under the hot sun around the Kyongbok Palace...this is where the previous king of Korea used to stay until he got overthrown when the Japanese invaded....and yes Koreans by the way hates the Jap can be sensed from my tour guide everytime he mention Japan..haha..the palace was huge and big as how most typical chinese palace are...designs, architecture and drawings are superb.....only problem I have was the place was a bit empty because it was destroyed by the Jap when invaded...but the Koreans are now trying to rebuild it again so DON'T BOTHER VISITING KOREA TILL 2009 when the rebuilding is completed...and when that is done I'm very sure it would be super nice!!!

Our next stop after a full on hour walk under the super hot sun was lunch!!! which shall be continued tmr because I need to pack and go soon to fetch mum to be continued

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