Tuesday, January 9

Korea Day 6 Part 2: Delicious lunch, Cheong Gye Stream & War Museum

Note: I'm seriusly so exhausted from lab...non stop working...I feel that when my supervisor is not around I get more stressed (from the constant sms-ing and emailing)...CURSE THE BLACKBERRY INVENTOR!!!!!!

Continuition from Part 1

After the extremely hot hot hot walk that we had under the hot hot hot sun (after all I am puteri lilin here), it was finally time for lunch!!!! muahaha lunch is always good....and this time no exception..the food was so so good...like I'm pretty sure it wasn't because I was that hungry but it was so yum!!!! my style lah..haha we first had all the meat, then after that tambah more meat and rice...just absolutely yummmm

After having lunch, can see the weather is still going to be super hot...but our next stop was the Cheong Gye stream..I was reading the Korea travel book and this is supposed the number one place that ppl should go to...like I can pretty guess why..it is a really huge park right in the middle of the concrete jungle...and they literally have small stream of water from the Hangang River streamed all the way here...so as you progressively walk on you can see the stream just getting wider and bigger....and of course being me I just had to test out the water....super cold actually..and well I didn't know how clean it was...hmmmm nearby here was also the Frame Museum a must go to all those Hallyu or K-wave fans....but not now obviously because they were doing some renovations and we couldn't go in..damn there goes my chance of taking pic with leng chai!!!!

After our brief stop at Cheong Gye stream we then went to the War Museum...as the tour guide pointed out very subtly totally not worth the time to go...it was part of the tour so he was forced to bring us there..haha totally waste of time...nothing to do there..and me being a peace loving person have no interest watsoever with the different fighter planes, tanks and weapons...wasting time only

Next came the part Heidi was waiting for..haha more shopping..yes we went first to Insa Dong...a very tourist style sort of shopping to buy those traditional korean stuffs...Heidi and I didn't even bother looking at it lah because we were more busy looking for our accomodation the next day when the tour finally ends...and well Insa Dong was pretty ex stuffs there and we are going to be staying nearby so can always go back...:D...after Insa Dong, another shopping venue..this time the best out of all the shopping we done...we went to Namdaemun..and trust me when I say this place is just massive!!!!! there are by the way so many shopping complex there..we went to this called Doota and 2 hours there is not enuff to see 20% of it..is huge, packed, and the varieties...yes this is the time I really wish I got a super rich husband with me!!!! (wait I always wish that)

After all the shopping..yes tired of walking liao...luckily dinner was next..and yeh another korean BBQ..yes I'm so eating loads and loads of this because once the tour is finished I doubt I would be indulging myself with so much meat anymore...have to eat those cheap food after the tour men...I will so miss you korean BBQ... *sob sob* ...next stop after dinner..back to hotel to pack pack pack...will be leaving the Holiday Inn for a tradional accomodation...finally free time alone now!!!!!!

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