Saturday, January 13

Korea Day 7: Enormous dinner!!!!

Note: Such a tiring day..been out whole day and doing so much work....morning had to go to this house wanted me to inspect..not too bad but doubt will get it...afternoon went to do marketing..came home had to fix up my brother new bed (one of those Ikea bed)....then after that had to vacuum and mop the whole house....then cook sushi dinner for the brat...and now only can sit...arghh my hands so rough liao!!!

Continuition from previous post

After Nanta, we decided to look for this place to eat traditional Korean Food...when we checked online and in our guide book, most of it was around 35000 won...and then our tour guide mentioned to us there is one good one for 17000 won..and so yes we said we definately have to go for it....some more got performance..hey cheap and good..what else can stop us??

So we took the subway like how the tour guide told us to (to Express Bus Terminal Station) and then told us to look for this restaurant called Nolboo Myungga...and I would stress at this point that we didn't even know how to spell the restaurant name and when we went there we were so so lost!!!! and no one knew what we were talking the end we just called the tour guide up (luckily he gave us his mobile number..hehe) in the end we found the place...and yes another perfect timing dinner and performance..haha..

We sat down on the floor first...on cushion...with by the way nothing else..the table actually comes along with the food..haha so yes they are table carriers here...we ordered the cheapest set lah (hey the other set cost like 27ooo won and 35000 won...) and the basic set already has a lot of food (you can see that from the picture!!!) seriusly eat until tummy want to explode!!! traditional korean food are like all these small plates of dishes per meal (yes the nation of side dishes!!!)..the set we have is basically to point to us the four season variety...their supposed special would be the soybean paste pot stew (really good), steamed egg custard, marinated crab, braised pork, fried fish (yellow corvina), the noodle (jap chae) and most importantly "scorched" or burnt rice (which are like burnt rice from pot dug up with water) totally didn't like the burnt rice....they should atleast put chicken stock or something..taste was bad!! for dessert they served Korean grape (gigantically huge) and this super sour drink (which one taste of it had my face going all scrunged up!!)..all in the food was superb a bit too much though for both of us and we were like OMG OMG OMG!!!
In the middle of the meal, the performers started to perform...dancers come and go, singer came and went (didn't understant a word!!!)...the nicest would have to be the instrument players...they played the ku zheng, the asian sort of violin and the drum...don't know what they called lah...but the song they played was good since they did put some western song in it too..haha like Bridge Under Water and Hey Jude..haha all me fav....good good..and I even included the pic of this guy Heidi think was kinda cute..(to me I think he look a bit like yes not me type..haha)
After dinner was back to the accomodation for a much needed rest (we did after all do all the things we came here to achieve..or is there more??)

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