Tuesday, January 16

Korea Day 8 Part 1 Namsan Hill

Note: Been such a hectic week..rushing rushing for work as usual....and yes the same old person is just pissing the shits out of me to the extent I'm at boiling point liao!!!!

Back to Korea post, our first day alone liao..so we thought first place to go must be Namsan Hill...been featured on so many K-drama and well it was said that no guys have yet been rejected before if proposed on this hill (dunno how true it is lah)....but anyways its one of the highest peak in Seoul so it used to be a lookout place for soldiers...(yes that explains the smoke tower)....

One thing about this place, there is a cable car!!! you can even walk up the hill but trust me is tiring!!! so yes we took the cable car as much as I hate heights....rather be scared than tired...haha...too bad the weather was so misty and drizzled a bit here and there so quite hard to take nice photos from the top...but there was of course time for ice cream!!!! like I am Nicole Tan right...and Nicole Tan loves ice cream...mmmmm

After our morning hike, we then went to Myeondong for another round of shopping (well dunno why that Heidi so gian shopping...shocking!)

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