Wednesday, January 17

Korea Day 8 Part 2 Hanbok (Traditional Korean Dress)

Note: Men I think I really ate something wrong yesterday...bad tummy ache...arghhhhh

Continuition From Part 1

After our not so successful Myeondong shopping....just didn't give us any chance to really buy anything!!! we then went to our appointment with this place called the Yee's Family just one of those old house that you can make appointment to go to..and they will then let you try on the tradional korean dress and make kimchi...haha yes definately sound very very appealing...and well dressing the Hanbok was actually mainly Heidi's idea..she said she dun care she have to dress in one or not her trip is not yes I just went along...but it was fun..and haha the photos we took...well it is one in our lifetime right??? we were even thought how to bow and kneel korean damn hard and pain men...pity the girls...haha...and the person even showed us some of the famous ppl who came to their place before to take pics with the Hanbok and one of them was the person me seriusly no like Jolin Tsai...urghhh gross...

After hiao-ingly taking so many pics we then decided we had enuff and time for the next agenda...kimchi making to be continued

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