Saturday, January 20

Korea Day 9: Amsa & More Shopping Bound

Note: Aiks I just forgot to mention on my Korea Day 8 posts, that day was me real bday!!! arghhh..but haha atleast I did have fun on my bday...first bday I spent away in a foreign country (well let's not count Sydney in lah)

First stop for Day 9 or make that our only sightseeing stop for our 2nd last day in Korea would be Amsa Prehistoric Settlement. Why did we go to it?? We just wanted to see some history stuffs mah..and since we visited palace already might as well this time we go even further back in time to total no civilisation time...haha yes they are still leaving in houses made out of reminded me about the story of the 3 huff and one blow and the house came tumbling down..haha...the place was actually quite far..had to take such a long train journey and after the train still had to take bus so long...the place was quite ok just not very tourist atraction sort of thing...there was english signs but well I think a tour guide bringing us here and explaining would have been much better...but hey atleast we did get what we want..:D

After Amsa, we took the sub to Sindang....reason being was the guide book we had said that there was this tteokpokki alley...and we just wanted to have road side stall food..prob was we couldn't find any!!! arghhh but luckily we manage to see loads and loads of shop selling kitchen yeh I finally can buy my korean rice bowls and chopsticks cheap cheap..haha...after buying the utensils we then went to Itaewon because from the book there was suppose to be nice Jjilmbang (korean sauna) but then when we went there it was closed down!!! yes this was so not our day...we then decided just walk around Itaewon for a while since it is suppose to be a shopping place (but those cheating gwailo type) so didn't really see anything we like...wasn't much to eat there either so we went to Mcdonald..and of course we choose the thing that Sydney or Malaysia dun have..bulgogi burger..damn nice loh...imagine korean bbq in a burger..yum...and green tea mcflurry..just yum!!!!

After having lunch and another short walk around Itaewon we then decided is time to go back to the tea inn first..reason being..the damn steel kitchenware is damn heavy!!! and is quite annoying having to carry them we went back dump the things back at the tea inn...and after that we went to Yongsan Electronic is supposedly a place filled with electronic stuffs like Akihabara in being the sucker for these things so had to go....and yes the place was filled with electronic stuffs..the phones there are like the best!!! wanted to buy but hai won't work here so no point lah...but the ppl there were so desperate for business that they kept asking and talking to you..haha...since there was a shopping mall there we then decided to also walk around there and do some shopping..Heidi manage to get somethings so we had to wait for her things to be altered so while waiting we decided to have dinner there....our last dinner...which was quite nice lah...i love sausages after all right???and this time they had the totori side dish..i really like just like jelly...must learn how to make was actually from some herb powder....dunno where to find though....
After getting Heidi's stuff we then went back to Insa-Dong near our accomodation to get some last minute stuffs to bring back as souvenir...yes manage to get a lot of things from here...because they had things more to do with cultural stuffs ma so look more korean...and yes we finally manage to get everything we want...tmr is the day we go back to Msia...after achieving everything we wanted to....or have we not???

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