Friday, January 12

Korea Day7: Last meal with group & Nanta Performance

Note: Been such a hectic day yesterday...between cursing ppl and cursing Air Asia website I finally manage to confirm my trip for June..yes ppl I'm coming back to Msia in June!!! haha although when I told a certain someone he keeps insisting is more as a transit then coming back Msia...cis..haha atleast me back right????

Back to Korea trip..finally I can bid farewell to my tour group...yes is been a long 1 week with them...and we went to so so many places and well as weird as it felt being with such not so young people I did enjoy myself (haha because I just didn't bother) in the morning after visiting some showroom (to promote Korea stuffs and not allowed to take pics)..we went for lunch...last meal of the group was chinese meal...cis...although truthfully speaking we didn't really need to go with them lah we could have left liao but hey we paid for the meal in the package we are so eating out meals!!! we are cheap to the max!!! although I didn't even eat much..haha

After lunch, the tour guide helped us get a cab and we went straight to our accomodation near Insa Dong...after dumping all our stuffs at our accomodation (after a super duper long walk up a hill!) we then decided to go to this place recomended by our tour watch a performance show called Nanta..he kept insisting it is very nice and they don't yes should be very easy to we took the subway and went to the theatre...luckily we had the guide book with us so it was very easy to find (well most people were walking towards there anyway)...and can you believe our luck...when we went there, one performance was going to start soon and we were like shit how lucky just buy ticket, get drink and in we go..all PERFECT TIMING!!! yes everything was going as planned (that beats coming back again!) Nanta was actually really good...funny and very entertaining..the story was about a group of cooks having to prepare dinner by 6pm..and they had like a new goofy apprentice...and the manager is seriusly so funny always stressing them out..definately worth the 50,000 Won we had to pay...too bad no cute guy... p/s I didn't take most of the pics I put up lah had to look around the web for the pics....but the website for Nanta was pretty good since you can actually get the pics of the day you actually went (that is why the pic is actually representative of what we saw that day..haha)

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