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Korean Movies

200 pounds beauty 미녀는 괴로워: Movie is definitely over the how can you in one year of plastic surgery turn from like a humongous 200 pound person to like a super slim model??? Shocking!!! I thought the girl was pretty though…thick lips like Angelina Jolie….the main guy not too bad also but they could have gotten a better guy!!! This show has just overrated plastic surgery…and why is it that when a female go plastic surgery the first thing they do is augment their breast?! Cannot stand!!! (Image from

A Millionaire's First Love 백만장자의 첫사랑: For a sad love story I actually quite like this show...damn bloody sad the show.I was trying damn hard to control my tears ok!!! ok lah maybe some drip down too so sad..although quite typical story and sort of have a pretty predictable but sad ending...Hyun Bin unfortunately not really my type of guy lah...but he did a pretty good job potraying a spoilt brat..sacrificed so much for the girl...and he was so bloody sweet ok can't believe he can be so nice and sweet...the girl is kinda pretty...quite like her hair..:D can act quite well too...definately good show...(Image from

Everybody has secrets 누구나 비밀은 있다: Be forewarned that the ending for this show is just plain pathetic...the show was going on so well...and suddenly having a stupid ending that does not make any sense whatsoever just made me so pissed!!! talks about this guy who manages to seduce 3 females at the same time....and not just 3 normal females...but 3 sisters!!! yeah talk about your Mr Casanova to the max....but I have to say this guy seriusly is kinda sexy and the thing he does in the show would definately make your heart melt to the max!!!! and need I mention rich? (Image from

Il Mare 시월애: I watched this when it was shown on SBS...I thought the concept of the show as weird as it was, atleast it was different and interesting...Then Hollywood got hold of it and put 2 of me fav ppl (Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock) in a remake of it called The Lake House....I guess the director felt it was pretty good..just didn't like the ending when the guy actually died because of the girl...The show was getting so nice...why why why must they kill the guy??? some more I thought the guy was kinda cute....and the love they sad so sad....(Image from

Innocent Steps 댄서의 순정: I actually thought the show was kinda boring and predictable. And well I don't think the girl actually danced!! One of those feel good show about the guy marrying the girl so he can have a dance partner and the girl to get citizenship...But of course in the end they did fall in in any other shows....the guy was a supposed pro dancer until in a dancing competition one guy went and hurt his like fai cai lah..but he did teach the girl to dance...and he was so sweet he spent whole night just trying to draw the leg movement for the girl on the floor....hai (Image from

Love Phobia 도마뱀: Was recomended to watch this by Heidi Lim...was quite slow and boring so I practically forwarded this show....I just didn't understand why the girl said she had some weird disease and always avoid the the end found out she was actually born with HIV...I totally didn't get the ending when she looked like she was kidnapped by UFO..she even lied to the guy and said she was from outer space...totally unbelivable lah....that was why forwarded a lot..but the girl is damn pretty loh....(Image from

My Boyfriend Is Type B B형 남자친구: Show is freaking funny...and if it is relevant to girls they definately got my blood type right..haha there is one part of the show which gave you a situation and depending on what your answer is will depict what your blood type freaking accurate...but basically they were saying how we should not date a guy whose blood type is B lah (although ending of course not lah)....nice show learnt a lot of stuffs (Image from

My Brother 우리형: Another show recomended by Heidi...just because her guy is in it....this show sucks to the max men....just felt so hai unsatisfied watching was was boring....and Heidi's leng chai brother was not a smart one....and the fact that he died for won bin was just more sad...definately not something I would recommend to watch....hai next time not listening to Heidi about waste of time!!! (Image from

My Little Bride 어린신부: I thought this show was quite cute loh actually!!! I like the girl a lot (heard she is very young only 16...but so matured!!!)...unfortunately the same can't be said about the guy..I just think the guy just looks bad lah..dunno why he can be such a star in just gross lah....but I know achima likes him own't insult too much lah....but very nice sweet show....arranged marriage....hai...arranged marriage aslo got such happy ending...sweet.. (Image from

My Love Ssagjay 내 사랑 싸가지: Got the show because Heidi leng chai is in it..but in the first few minute once I saw him in a swimming trunk really turned me gross men...and the actress in here was just plain annoying...and the story line was just about the girl having to be the guys slave because she accidentally kick a can of drink which hit the guy's head when he was driving and made him bang his car to a wall (didn't look that bad) but ah well posh car mah...stupid dumb girl..go kick can some more lah so accurately (Image from

My Wife Is A Gangster 조폭 마누라: Hilarious show!!! haha imagine a leader of a gang also need to go for matchmaking to get a husband...some more the husband so useless!!!! and wehn they had to have sex that time..hilarious men...innocent male...and super aggresive horny female!!! I was laughing my head off!!!!! definite must watch...too bad I haven't watch the 2nd part or the 3rd part....must get the DVD when I find it....(Image from

OH! My God 구세주: Truthfully speaking I'm knocking my head and saying OMG I just wasted my time watching a show that I should have known is just plain dumb!!! and the woman in this show...SHE IS FIESTY!!! haha I've never seen someone so in love with a guy until would give everything up and have twins and grow them up herself..until she tracked down the guy and forced him to marry her and accept her...fierce..and the guy?! talk about good for nothing waste daddy's money boy....if my hubbie was like him I sure kill him earlier..and he is not even cute!! so ugly!! how can anyone like him???!!! (Image from

She’s On Duty 잠복근무: I would like to stress out first that this movie picture is super deceiving..the actress is not as pretty in the movie and definately not that thin..I think this picture was airbrushed to the max....but there is quite a cute guy in it..haha..but seriusly how can they cast a 30 year old woman in a show and make her go back to school and act like she is still below 20???? you tell me how unbelivable can that get?????? Like she so does not look young at all!!! (Image from

The Best Romance 최강로맨스: Warning...the title and the movie definately does not fit!!!!! they might as well just call the show fish cake skewer!! I think is more fit..the romance here is more dysfunctional then good....and I change my mind from this show onwards..Lee Dong Wook is definately not cute...maybe is just the hai..and the girl!! MY god hiao to the max and so annoyingly squeeky!!!! quite stupid show also dun even waste your time watching it!!! (Image from

The Host 괴물: Heard this show got the best korean movie...I think it deserves it..the graphics and the story line was good..yes it still had some of the korean humour in it...but atleast it had a little bit more suspense in it..and the monster (which was actually a tadpole) really look so gross and scary..which by the way because of a stupid dumb lab assistant few years back poured formaldehyde down the drain...hmmm I work with formaldehyde in my lab..i wonder what would happen if I do so...a must see show lah....take my word for it (Image from

The King & The Clown 왕의 남자: Note the person with long hair on the right is not a a bloody guy...and he is so god damn pretty..when I first saw the poster in the cinema I thought the girl look so damn good until I was told it was a guy...SHOCKING!!! the show was actually damn boring what you expect?? I'm not gay so it really isn't my cup of tea show....and the stuffs that happen in there is just so slow!!! and the crying part...why why why so much???(Image from

Typhoon 태풍: Quite nice show....I think the other guy quite cute loh...Jang Dong Gun is just not me cup of tea lah...but he is like the most liked male in Korea old!!!! apart from that the movie reminded me a lot of The Day After Tomorrow...yes talk about all this weather thingy...but this time was worst because they know there was going to be a typhoon..and there was just this evil shit trying to use the typhoon to kill ppl....see how much North Korea hates South Korea???? but very good show...I was actually quite interested..hehe (Image from

Wet Dreams 2 몽정기 2: I WANT TO STRESS OUT THIS IS NOT PORN!!!! god knows why they have to name it wet dreams...but my cute guy is in it..and I was like yes I MUST WATCH THE SHOW!! luckily someone passed it to me with the codecs for was seriusly pretty lame and damn stupid lah...definately a waste of time..unless of course you are like me drooling over the cute guy? (Image from

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