Tuesday, January 30

Last day in Malaysia Part 1: Lunch at Pizza Hut

Note: Guess what??I found my carkeys back..someone put it back in my post box yesterday!!!! HAHA so happy now!!! I saved AUD 110 bucks (pheww)...but seriusly I'm so bloody pissed still men..how can they ask me to pay AUD 110 for a bloody new car key??? and is only one some more not 2!!! talk about bloody rip off!!!! On a nicer note..I finally found the piano piece I've been looking for months!!! haha so happy now...is from the Goong OST and is a song by Stay (I'm a Fool)...super nice song....and definately should sound very nice once played on piano....

Yes is finally the last day of me trip....talk about sad sad sad....have to go back to Sydney..and the next day some more have to work...hai...I'm lack of sleep (reason why the glasses and my dear cousin Mandy keep telling me I look ham sap in it some more..hai...but no worries cuz I got new glasses liao...no more hamsap more elegant and sophisticated now)...

After waking up and doing my last minute packing it was already time for lunch...and talk about starving!!!! decided to go to Pizza Hut because i wanted somewhere with air conditioning..yes I'm feeling hot hot hot (usually what happens when me not enuff sleep)....and hmm Pizza Hut...no Pizza Hut beats Msia men....Sydney Pizza Hut sucks...and how can I forget my love for satay pizza??No one does it like Pizza Hut!!!! thank god it was the Ramadhan month so there was the special set lunch with satay pizza....mmmmm we took the Satay Supreme Combo 2 (because got 4 of us ma)...it included the soup of the day (which seriusly is just plain cream of something soup...and has been like that since I was young...), garlic bread (I love garlic bread), crispy prawn (which after we gobble it down we realise they didn't bring the sauce for us!!), the satay pizza (MMMM), strawberry napoleon (dessert which was given to us with the main..so by the time we ate it the ice cream all also melt liao) & Ice Lemon Tea....and my cousins love the chicken wings so we had an extra order of the chicken wings...mmmmm

As for Jason, he had an extra something..because I just came back from Korea, I got them some kimchi which they just tried a bit...and I also brought back this can of worms...and hmmm Jason seems to love it a lot..because he finished the whole can!!!! (and by the way is by himself)...my cousins weren't too interested in trying it....me looking at it..just reminds me of the time in Korea..and the smell of the worm...gross...but hmm glad that Jason kor kor :) liked it... :)

After lunch (and loads of picture taking), we then head off towards the airport...with another 2 stops ahead of us before the airport...to be continued (with loads of hiao pics..)

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