Friday, January 5

Tokyo Disneyland!!

Note: Mum and brat came home many hiao stuffs...thanks cuz for those...hehe wearing one now...:D

Super Backdated Post to 18 Oct 2005

Since I put up the other post on Everland and the Halloween Theme I thought I would put up the Disneyland pics from Tokyo that I took in 2005 with Kaka Ting..haha yes since that time I haven't started blogging so nothing much to say bout it mah...but woo Disneyland....and some more this year planning trip to Hong Kong so yeh another Disneyland!!! I'm a brat I admit need to go to all the Disneyland and sit on all the rides!!!
But yes Japan was super fun..really enjoyed myself...maybe one of these days I should put up photos from then too...the baths...mmmm and all the ramen pics..haha I miss Japan....definately must go back...met so many nice people...Kaka told me 2 days back that one woman we met there actually sent us calenders this year..and the innkeeper we met at Kyoto even sent us New Year card...see lah they so nice!!!!!

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