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TVB Dramas

A Pillow Case Of Mystery 施公奇案: See another drama I got from my sweet cuz....this one a bit fai but atleast got some substance..although me just started watching this show but is quite addictive..maybe because there is a lot of mysteries and cases and I so hate stopping in the middle of one..although I have to say with the cases by itself, the show would have been quite good..the fact that the main guy who is the judge have to treat a pillow as his problem solving machine was just over the top...and need I even get started on why on earth is a pillow so freaking hard?? is like ceramic men!!! talk about going to get bad neck ache!!!!(Image from

A Step Into The Past 尋 秦 記: I thought this was a really good drama..Heard it was actually from a comic book... About a man (Louis Koo) who travelled back into the past using a time machine. Then the story just went on about how he was stuck between 2 kingdoms and rulers and how he using his knowledge of history tried putting things right. Raymond Lam in this show acted like a spoilt brat..and I just don't like him...can't stand him!!!!(Image from

Angels of Mission 無名天使3D: This show is definately a super waste of time....stupidity and nonsense can't even explain the show....I think this show was just basically there to put the 3 main actress into the limelight and make them shine....thank god after this show all 3 actress (well maybe not shirley yeung) improved dramatically on their acting...I thought the acting here was bad...the cases in this show was just ok ok....quite unrealistic...and the fighting scenes were even more unrealistic but anything to show the 3 actress good in kicking ass was the priority of the show anyway...only watch if you are super free and bored(Image from

Aqua Heroes 戀愛自由式 : Definately not my cup of tea. Only watched it because that time was the only video at home and it was free (someone taped it from cable tv)...the show well just plain stupid. Half the people in it cannot act and it was a total waste of time. And need I say no cute guys in it making it harder to watch the show???? especially since there was so many annoying girls in it!!!!! I just realised that actually 2 members of Cookies were in it..Stephy and Theresa..haha guess I was so not interested until I didn't even realise until looking at the cast of the shows...(Image from

Bar Benders 潮爆大狀: yeah yeah the reason why I watched it was because Sammul was in it...but then Adam Cheng is also in it and he is a very good actor of course I must support and watch ma...Adam Cheng started out to be so arrogant at first but eventually he learnt his lessons...and hai my Sammul in this show..JUST SO BLOODY SWEET!!!!! the things you would do for love..hai wish I was the girl...haha(Image from

Beautiful Cooking 美女厨房: I know it ain't really a drama..but hey it had more than 10 episodes so I consider drama..haha is actually one of those variety show..but yes I'm putting it here because my Alex was the host ok..and he did a damn bloody good job you tell me how not to put it in here..but seriusly is a damn funny show...and it gave me a little bit of inspiration to try some of the food cooked there.. is damn worth while to watch because it was like a competition to cook between all the known female artiste..the guy artists were the judges..(note esp episode 11 which has Leo in it..pity him have to eat the Kary cooking...I see also scared!) (Image from

Criminal Intelligance Bureau Files 刑事情報科: I actually thought this show was pretty good...maybe because I like shows like that where there is different stories all the all the stories with different cases atleast made it interesting!!! And the so bitchy quarrels between the 2 leading woman..they are my mentors men when come to using words to deceiving...I so need to learn from them!!!! and need I even get started on the hair of Bowie's wife..I damn like men...but I dun dare cut my hair like short....but I think it would be nice if I cut my hair like hers then put a few streaks of blue..hmmm(Image from

Dicey Business 賭場風雲: Anything with casino and gambling in it you know me sure would be interested...and you know the show would be good if Jessica Hsuen is in there!! like she only acts in those mega TVB production ok!! and you can see this is a mega production with the props, the location..the places..the food..the wines!!! storyline wise I do think is quite business is a big business...I just dun like the comedies in it..I do think this show would be more dramatic if it was not for the not so laughable comedies..and Bosco and Tavia role in this show? JUST GET RID OF THEM!!! so negligible!! they are the one making the show so hard to watch at times! (Image from

Family Man絕 世 好 爸: I watched this a while back when I was back in Malaysia for holidays...yes it was actually on TV..didn't manage to catch the beginning...but I thought it was pretty entertaining..and not to mention all this feel good dramas with good endings and funny lines is always my cup of tea... and I always did quite like Flora Chan in this dunno why there is just something about her that make me quite like watching her act...I wonder what is it...Myolie here was just quite bad..thank god she improved just a tiny bit in her acting in other shows! (Image from

Fathers And Sons 爸爸閉翳: What can I say? I'm a sucker for cute kids....and the kids featured on this show is so darn cute!!! to me Bobby and Wong Hei are one of the better actors in TVB making this show much much more worth it to watch...although the first few episodes was quite slow and boring..but it did picked up speed after episode 4 when Bobby's long lost child came back...this show really talks about the sacrifice you make for your families and kids....quite touching...and the theme song for this show was sung by Eason called Close (親近) and it is such a nice song...have that song stuck in my head now!! (Image from

Feel 100% 百分百感覺: Ok Ok I admit..this was the first show I watched with Alex in it and yes was totally in love with him after he is just so bloody sweet in the show...and well all the nice sweet things he does...tell me lah how not to love him??? and this show had to many famous people making a cameo (Edison Chen, Miriam Yeung, Ronald Cheng, Cookies) what else reason I need to watch it???? well actually the famour stars in it didn't make it nice was Alex..haha (Image from

Forensic Heroes 法證先鋒: Well the reviews for it was good..and I so love CSI and anything that copies CSI shouldn't be all that bad...the cases in here unfortunately seriusly copied CSI so much to the extent that it became a little predictable who was the bad people in each case...and the 2nd lead actress was just pure annoying lah....just gross..urghhh I really do this they should have thought of some better cases instead of just copying from CSI..especially the last episode where Bobby was kidnapped and trapped inside a container (like hello so copying one of CSI season finale when the guy was stuck inside a coffin!) (Image from

Golden Faith 流 金 歲 月: Another one of those big big dramatic drama...even from the name you would know it is one of those so dramatic ones that well makes you wonder how more dramatic can life be??? I actually quite liked the show a definate must watch..But warning it is a really very long show...and Myolie acted as a dumbo here (literally a dumbo here) and I think it was her first major note FAILURE TO THE MAX...god knows what ppl see in her.... (Image from

Heart Of Greed 溏心風暴: The super popular drama in Hong Kong right now...and men this is the sort of TVB dramas I like...full of suspense, hate, anger, family crisis and dramas!! one thing learnt from this show is seriusly never ever get more than 1 wife!! there is no such thing as a happy family when there is more that 1 wife involved....I've never known so much of abalone in one show but well guess we will all learn something...Story is about a guy owning an abalone empire and his family (2 wives)...don't really like the casts in it but watch it for the show not for the people.. (Image from

Just Love 老婆大人: Drama was highly recomended by my aunt and uncle so decided to watch it...truthfully speaking I think this drama is so slow!!!!! just drags on and on and on..the only saving point of the show is the funny attempts by the side actor/actresses....the main people acting in it was just bad.....The show revolves around a female judge and her relationship with her house husband and their baby...see where the show went wrong already??? I rather be the house wife then my husband staying at home!!! (Image from

La Femme Desperado 女人唔易做: Interesting in the beginning but just got so draggy and long winded in the middle and in the ending that I couldn't help but fast forward it...and the part where there is no leng chai made it even easier to fast forward...and I finally decided I can't stand RAYMOND LAM!!! Just plain annoying can anyone find him cute????????? and need I even get started on the Kenneth Ma...(rumours has it he backstabbed my Sammul a lot!!! cis bedebah!!!) (Image from

Lethal Weapons of Love And Passion 覆雨翻雲: Still in the middle of this show...Was really quite slow and boring at first...the speed of this drama only started picking up after episode 10 (out of 40 episodes!!)...this will definately take a while to finish...they really drag a lot this has a lot of fantasy stuffs in it (like sleeping with another person to gain your power back), fighting scenes (excellent sword fights and kungfu but so obviously done by body doubles and not by the actors themselves) and horrible love story (the typical of dramas..the one that should be together would never be and the ones that shouldn't be would always be together)....The main stars in here is Raymond Lam (puke blood..hate it when they try to potray him as an innocent type of person), Bosco Wong (puke bigger blood pool...I really can't stand his acting...he is not even funny!!! and he is suppose to be the comic relief of this drama...just dumb), Charmaine Sheh (not too bad..but too "wai tai"already...) & Derek Kwok (old but I find kinda cute...hehe..he always seem to be potrayed evil and bad at first but always turn out he is the good guy...and I think he potrays his role really well...aka good acting...and no me not bias!!!) (Image from

Magic Chef 伙头智多星: It is not a TVB drama lah...but me lazy to start a new post to put china drama mah.and anyway the version I got was in cantonese so yes all canto drama are considered TVB for me...I quite like this show about cooking and competition so who wouldn't like wo...and the story line is quite good just a bit lame here and there lah....but definately worth the watch..well according to me that is because I quite like Andy Hui one ma...
(Image from

Maiden’s Vow 鳳凰四重奏: yes another one of the shows that my Sammul acted of course is a must watch lah..and anyway I heard the reviews were pretty good for it...I was actually quite impressed with the you can really feel what the girl was going through...Follows the life of 4 girls from different generation and the things they had to go through.....Part 1: Arranged Marriage, Part 2: Running away with your true love Part 3: Working Woman & Part 4: Marriage does not signify the longevity of a meaningful.... (Image from

Men In Pain 男人之苦: I really need to catch up on my TVB dramas..I feel like I have so many of them and I haven't even finish watching them!!! so many to go thorough during my crossstitch sting...this show..quite I always mention Ron Ng ain't my favourite actor..but the story with his dad and the stepmum is pretty funny and cute...the story focuses on 2 parts..the dad who is having so much stress and cannot perform in bedroom..and the son who got his girlfriend pregnant...hence the men in pain!! they should name women in pain!!! I pity the women in this show..having such crappy hubbies!!! (Image from

My Family 甜孫爺爺: Please note Alex is so darn bloody cute in here..and sweet..yes all the time I was going owwwwwwwwww (he baked 100 cakes to woo a girl ok...and some more got stupid dumb girl!!!!!) show was hilarious...and one of those feel good dramas....a definite must watch lah...take it by the way from the non alex fan (heidi)..haha since she fell in love with the other not as cute as alex guy...:D no wait make them 10x worse than Alex.. the story between the dad and the youngest son is also worth watching..haha super funny (Image from

Net Deception 追魂交易: I watched this show when I was back in bits and pieces of it but definately enuff to get the whole story (Hey I was busy going out and catching up with friends)...story line is pretty good lah ...(although most reviews didn't like it)..the story was basically revolving around a special force in the police that was set up to catch internet got to admit atleast it target a different part of the police force....but hey I like it...haha and I damn like Wong Hei ear ring in this show....(I actually went out to buy the same exact one after that...haha god knows where I lost that ear ring to now...) (Image from

Revolving Door Of Vengeance 酒店風雲: Yes one of those huge buge humoungous TVB can see from the show that they must have spent tons of money doing this show...the show was really dramatic and really quite nice...though no cute guys (Until I had to like the lawyer which was played by Derek Kwok..I think I have this tendency to fall for those guys who is just so bloody sweet and nice to girls...yes I'm a sucker) and by the way is from this show I found out I quite like the name Chloe..haha although it belonged to a damn freaking evil person (but look so sweet...yes look sweet but evil..I so need to learn)(Image from

Shades Of Truth 水滸無間道: Old drama in my eyes but quite addictive...I think is because of the way the story just flows and continues that makes it hard to just stop and forget about it...I didn't exactly like the part where the story reflects back to ancient times and say how in the new generation the 2 main actors are still good mates and fighting for the same me by itself the drama was just fine...atleast is more belivable...crimewise and cases, a little bit over the top but still quite interesting to watch....(Image from

Stephen's Diary 老馮日記: Dunno whether to consider this a drama or not lah..but is seldom we see Stephen acting in a drama let alone directing it...and I really like the fact that as famous as he is....he is still so humble and you can see that he has so many friends in the entertainment circle...judging from the amount of celebrities in his show...even in his movies also so many of his friends...absolutely keng men him....if only most of the other celebrities can be as talented as he is....overall the drama is quite bad funny though but well just mor liu a lot lah....but worth the watch if you are bored(Image from

Steps 舞動全城: This show is quite addictive!!! Judging from the title it is a very "dance" sort of series..infact is more to the latin and ballroom dancing...truthfully speaking there is not much dancing present (pheww or not seriusly the show is going to be real boring)..and the dance moves in this show is just average..nothing grand....but the storyline is quite entertaining..especially when they focus on the various relationship present in the show...Summary of the show would be how Bernice Liu is an aspiring dancer and how she becomes a dance teacher in a school run by Steven Ma mum...Steven Ma on the other hand works in a health drink company and is good friends with Bernice's brother...and so the story goes on..just go watch it! (Image from

Summer Before Y2K Y2K前的暑假: 8 part series about 20 minutes each....truthfully speaking the show was boring, confusing and just a show to put all the cute girls and guys in it....and it has my yes it got me there....and Alex was acting as himself anyway...swimmer...woo hoo...ahhhh so cute....although his hair style really failed him....thank god he is about teenager love and problems...a very youth show...definately no more suitable for me!(Image from

Survivor’s Law 律政新人王: I remembered a certain someone taped the show for me, my sis and Brian to watch..but that certain someone was so bloody slow in taping it (well blame cable TV for taking its own sweet time to air this) that we ended up going out to borrow the tape because it was just so bloody nice...haha Sammul was just so gorgeous and "keng" inside..Raymond as always just plain annoys me lah....but who cares bout him when there is Sammul who acted as a super duper keng, smart and cute lawyer..while Raymond let's just say he acted as a fai cai (oh wait he doesn't need to act like one because he is one!) (Image from

The Academy 學警雄心 : So need to thank Heidi for getting the show for me...and yes I know it is one of those stupid show...but I think it had pretty high viewership or not they wouldn't be making a sequel to it starring Joey Yung too right??? and who wouldn't watch this show...I'm sure all Ron's (not me!) and Sammul (ME ME ME) fan would get the show and watch...haha yes I'm one of them....I actually thought the show was pretty lame lah...but haha there is leng chai so no complains! (Image from

The Academy 2 On The First Beat 學警出更: Ok this is going to be a bias review...but I thought this show was good!!! after all I get to see Sammul acting in it...There is a lot of people cast in this show...from Joey Yung (whom I seriusly can't stand in and out of this show anyway), to the veteran actor/actresses...this is a continuos story from The Academy..where now that the "brats" have graduated from police academy, it talks about their life on the beat (aka patrolling the street) hence the nice the way the show has various flashback to the previous show and guest appearance by the previous people...Is a pretty long drama so be prepared to be glued to the TV for a while like me!! (Image from

The Brink Of Law 突圍行動: Firstly this show is so damn addictive!!! The drama in it is ENDLESS!!! and oh my god the casting for this show is so screwed up and so confusing!!! Meanie ppl are good here...and the innocent and sweet ones are the villains!! and is not just those normal villains....they are so EVIL!!! MY GOD!!! but be forewarned that Ron Ng acting as a goodie here is just plain weird!!! he is like the perfect guy (which he is SO NOT!)..arghhh so confusing but yet so addictive!! HELP!! (Image from

The Drive Of Life 歲月風雲: Just looking at the amount of cast in the picture, you know this is going to be a real "dramatic" show...and with 60 episodes some more you know I'm going to be quite anti social for a long time & lack of sleep...the drama is about a family and the car industry combines HK and China together so there are parts of this show where you can see obvious voice dubbing occuring (which I seriusly hate)....So far though the show is pretty good but I foresee it being draggy in the middle...will update more when I'm halfway through ok? (Image from

The Family Link 師奶兵團: Doubt this was a popular show since the cast is not anyone famous...mainly consist of cast that are usually "side ppl" is pretty entertaining talks about the life of housewives and what they are up to most of the time..and the story goes on about how a housewife job is harder than going to work itself...definately overrated and shown to please all the housewives it only if extremely free!!!!
(Image from

The Gateau Affairs 情迷黑森林: Firstly the cakes in here are so yummy looking!!! Every single episode so far has so many yummy cakes!!! I'm inspired (partially!)....the story as you can see is about pastries and the life of the people working in a bakery....the part I really can't stand would be the fact Myolie Wu again paired up with an old man (Joe Ma)...I just cringe looking at them..because I just feel is weird!!! not that I have anything against it but well they just didn't suit as a couple!! the baking competition are fun to watch....whole show in fact is quite funny and worth the watch..just make sure you have a bucket in front of you to collect the drool.... (Image from

To Catch The Uncatchable 栋笃神探: This show is just hilarious...and atleast it has different cases to prevent the show from being so draggy...very unrealistic though the seriusly how can someone be so bad luck all the time...the show is about this detective whose physical abilities is just pathetic (like even an old woman can beat him) but has very high IQ ability...Ada Choi in this show is an insurance seller whose life seems to always be so bad luck since she kept getting herself stuck in situation which requires the other guy to save her...funny but the ending was just try not to watch until the end..:D (Image from

To Get Unstuck In Time 隔世追兇: Super nice drama...I love this sort of dramas that doesn't get too draggy....and the cast for the show was perfect..I've always liked Roger Kwok acting...The show talks about a super smart police detective who lived all his life hating his dad until one day he found his dad's old mobile phone (yes those really old ones use in the 80's) and the phone became the time travel thingy to talk to his dad and solved all their problems...most of the cases are pretty much predictable I have to say but was very interesting...the only confusing part was when the detective tried to change the past to be with the girl he loves and everything started to change...and we see the same cases appearing again but solved differently....i had to scratch my head for some of it...arghhh....but definately worth the watch...Image from

To Grow With Love 肥田囍事: Is quite ok drama...been wanting to watch this for a while since there was a lot of news about this show like with Myolie gaining so much is ok ok lah...funny at parts..but really got a bit draggy..had to forward a bit....the supporting cast provided a lot of the humor but was also a bit "fai"...the role I just don't get would be the one where Matthew Ko was inside because his role was totally negligible..i guess that is what happens when TVB wants to expose him and give him lots of parts (and prove to the whole world he sucks!)...I really like the songs from this show esp the theme song 醜得漂亮....Myolie still can't stand her..but Andy Hui...owwww yes he is still my fav!!! (Image from

Trimming Success 飛短留長父子兵: Was recommended this show by some ppl...they keep saying it is a nice show to watch..truthfully speaking I find this show quite sian..but yet I have no choice but to finish it because I don't like it just hanging there..the story line is quite pathetic..kevin cheng is not my cup of tea...and nadia chan...aiks..dunno lah annoying!!! and the other girl (kevin first gf), my god if I have a partner like her I would have kicked her to hell already....spend so much money!!! crazy!!!!! bad image to females!!! and I still dun get why wind surfing is heavily promoted here...(Image from

Triumph In The Skies 衝上雲宵: One of those huge TVB production again...a definite must watch...had like so many of the big and small stars in it (even Eason Chen and Twins made an appearance)...I dun really like the 4 main characters in it well they are not me cup of tea..but the other stars (namely Sammul) made the story line quite nice what...haha...really worth the watch because it is something different..talks about life working at the airport....the young ppl were mainly trainee pilots (only Myolie played the not so smart one and just became airport attendant)...Francis Ng and Joe Ma acted as the captain pilots.... (Image from

Under The Canopy Of Love 天幕下的戀人: I'm scratching my head vigorously wondering how can this show be so popular?!! like to me it was just so "mo liu"...maybe because I hate Bosco from long long time ago and all the supposed funny acts he put doesn't humor me...and the Kevin Cheng I think it was from this show everyone started liking him...yeah his personality is quite good here but a little over (and men he is so old already lah!!! why can't they put younger guys?)...the Niki on the other hand...was to me kinda annoying!! so how I would rate this show??? only watch it if you are very very free and have nothing else better to do...unless of course you are either of the guys fans...then yes go ahead!!! (Image from

War & Beauty 金枝慾孽: Was told the show was damn for it were like freaking ok since I got it might as well watch it...talks about the lives of well a lot of woman (either wives or concubines) of the emperor of China (men talk about just plain bastard lah ok..sleep with so many woman..cis) and I just can't believe how deceiving these woman can get just to get the emperor's attention (see bastard guy so bloody lucky) but these concubines...hai what is so great men???although their costumes were damn good and pretty...the scneries were also quite nicely done up (Image from

War & Destiny 亂世佳人:The title basically says a war war war....although the shots are quite fake but it really does show the bad side of war..especially when the Japanese were invading and how they just killed just like that...there was a scene where they showed ppl digging their own grave and after that a mass shooting by the Japs killing them all...that was just bad men!! show is damn addictive and definately worth the watch (30 episodes though)..I think the guy with glasses holding the gun acted damn well (good pretending to be evil), the other 3 were just ok ok for improvement (I still dun like Myolie and Ron by the way)
(Image from

War Of In-Laws 我的野蛮奶奶: I finished this drama (20 episodes) in 2 days...and I am not even lack of sleep...The first half of it was it was funny, entertaining and there is a story line...towards the middle the story just got so draggy and I felt that there were so many unnessary part that I just couldn't help but forwarding it a lot!!!! (I got through one episode in 5 minute!) The ending atleast had some more in depth plot but was totally hurried through and not developed...All in, show was ok at the beginning but terribly boring at the ending...the main star Liza Wang I thought acted really quite good as a mother in law from hell....Myolie Wu well she is just plain annoying to me (I think it has to do with her annoying voice)...impression of Bosco Wong well definately just went more backward (well never did like him in the first place..haha so not my Sammul standard at all!)...Only watch if you have nothing else better to do or more like nothing else better to watch!! (Image from

When Rules Turn Loose 識法代言人: Ok OK another one of those Sammul lawyer show...he acts so much in all this law shows but yet I don't get sick of it and continue to watch them..I really think Sammul and Myolie has chemistry in their shows..haha...but this show was quite good..the cases atleast were more dramatic then most law shows..and there are loads of funny parts so definately not boring...(Image from

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