Sunday, January 7

Super cute earrings!!!

Note: I HATE MY WEEKENDS AGAIN!!! there goes my 17 days of bliss and now back to normal life with my mum and bro at how life just sucks!!! busy busy time to do anything I like...crap!!!!!

Korea can wait....want to put up this special post..haha because I finally got my earrings!!! yes been waiting for it for like so many months....just to wait for my mum to go back and get it for me from my cuz....thank you so much cuzz..the earrings are so so so it love it love it!!!! Then of course my nice sweet cousin also got me some other cute stuffs like the voo doo doll with a christmas feel to it and the oh so cute sucking doll in a jar (so cute until me really dun want to take it out might just leave it in there for decoration purpose)..and dear old cuz also got me a nice shirt lah....which I can't take a pic of because me washing it now since my mum dumped it in her luggage and well ever since my mum and bro came back...anything in their luggage (and actually the whole luggages itself) needs to be washed and sterilise..seriusly super strong indian smell!!!!!! and need I even get started on how black the washing water was when those things are washed???? totally turn me off going to India again!!!!

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