Monday, January 1

Taiwanese Drama

Hanazakarino Kimitachihe 花樣少年少女: Only started watching this show after a certain someone pass me the OST of it...I thought the song 專屬天使 by Tank was really quite nice..after watching the drama (a lots of forwarding though) I did realise the other songs in it were quite nice too...forwarded a lot of the show because I dunno why I just dun like taiwanese dramas a lot...maybe is the way they speak or their over potrayal of character..just not me cup of tea..I have to admit though the story line to this show was kinda good (I so wish I was that girl..imagine being the only girl in an all boys school!!! yes my eyes would have grown loads bigger and I would be accumulating lots of drool puddles..hehe)..the ending of this show however is HORRIFIC!!! there is no bloody ending...I heard it was because they want to make a sequel to this show!! CHEAP!!!! (Image from

It Started With A Kiss 恶作剧之吻 Started watching this show when I was really bored and ran out of my other usually normal dramas to watch...didnt' really like it..hated the over potrayal of some ppl...and I find it so unrealistic!!! Guy was not cute..the girl some ppl say cute to me just does not make it!!! story line very very draggy...forwarded a lot of this drama..I think I'm just not cut out to watch taiwanese shows....HK and korean for me anytime..even jap also I can watch..why is it I dun like taiwanese dramas? (Image from


Sick of the same said...

I agree. It took me a while to find someone who sympathises with moi! Taiwanese dramas all have the same bloody storyline and the actors who all look the same. All the men are jerks who try to act macho, and all the girls are cute bimbos. Storyline: boy meets girl, girl doesn't like boy, so boy moves on but girl realises she likes him but it's too late. But something happens and they both realise they love each other but some sh!t comes in between them. In the end, they get together and are happy - end of story. The producers of these shows need to get out a bit more other than going to Japan to look for crappy manga to do adaptations. They need some fresh INSPIRATION! The only dramas that do any justice are the pre-WW2 era stories, as well as HK ones.

Nicole Tan said...

ahhhh someone who shares the same thoughts!! haha join the club....thanks for dropping by