Wednesday, January 10

What a load of crap!!!!

Note: Crap post just need to release out some tension!!!

This week is just pissing the shits out of I can't believe how everything can just turn now so bad!!!! I blame it on the jerk who started it off on Sunday (can't write whole story here just in case but will be glad to tell you the story..just msn me for full story..and trust me is enuff to make me so pissed!!!!)

Monday wasn't even better...had so much work to do..and boss emailing me asking for results...and machine just stuffing up when I need it the most!!! yes everything is no good on Monday..curse the stupid machine which made me do 2 hour of work for a supposed 30 minute work (and that is after I supposedly had you fixed the week before!!!)..went home still had to do heaps of ironing (mum and bro clothes from their holiday)...3 hour of ironing, my back aching and leg aching and my ass also aching and I'm only 75% through...damn!!!!

Tuesday (aka yesterday) was worse...boss emailing me every hour (well more than that actually) asking me to do more work rush for paper (dun he get there is a deadline..and me ordering stuffs to come would take a while too??!!!) more work to do on top of my already loads of work!!! arghhh...and I was trying to download this stupid file yesterday 250Mb and it got stuck by the way at 92% completed due to my stupid internet connection at home which got cut off.. urghhh I waited 2 hours for that...and worse when I redownloaded it 99% completed it came up with a message which I couldn't see but I was so busy typing I accidentally cancelled it...meaning 2 time downloading the same thing and both time got screwed...arghh how bad can my damn life be?????

Today...growing loads of cells up for my experiments..and it has to get contaminated!!! yes when you need something in a super duper hurry thing just have to go wrong!!! arghhh now have to wait another week!!!! is just starting to be a really crappy day!!!!! there goes all the cells I have enuff to finish up most of my experiments and now start ALL OVER AGAIN!!! I just want to dig a hole and jump in it and cry!!!!!!!!!

On a lighter no complain note..Air Asia got their promo flights!!! but must book by 19th Jan..time to seriusly think of my holiday and plan (imagine free flight to Bangkok and Macau)...and I checked the tax...only RM 200 for each place return...meaning only spend RM 400 in taxes to 2 countries??? wooo hooo yo cuz really need to plan!!!!! faster come online!!!! HONG KONG & BANGKOK HERE WE COME!!!!!

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