Sunday, February 11


Note: What you see at the side is literally what is in my fridge!!! Yes is a bloody chewed on chewing gum of my brother!!! Just freaking gross!!!!! and why is he keeping a chewed on chewing gum?? because I gave him a limit of one pack of chewing gum a week so he said he is saving it up!!! arghh...and what is it with him why can't he use like a 10x smaller plate??? like is just one bloody chewing gum and he is using like such a HUGE plate for it!!! wasting my fridge space!!!!!

A bit a while ago, I had to go to Melbourne for a conference...wasn't really looking forward to it lah because just came back from holiday a while ago and flying again just wasn't my cup of tea...Anyways the thing was I had a poster to present so no choice cannot cancel....So since I'm going I might as well make full use of it

After checking into my hotel and just sleeping for a while, I then had dinner with Mary and her brother John...see the first thing me do when go to Melbourne is call her out..haha...anyways good to see her again..she looks like the normal Mary...don't you Mary?? and John..hmmm seriusly the last time I saw him before that day was god knows how many years ago when he was still a small boy when we were hanging out in Mary's house during high school years!!! haha how time flies men!!!

Dinner was at this place recommended by Mary who has never been there herself..haha I think it was in Fitzroy or something..and is at a place called Napier...It is one of those typical looking Aussie pub...yes we were having pub food that what is so special about the place??? Mary said they have this really big burger that everyone say is good....quite cheap since is going to be so big, Mary and I decided to share the burger called Bogan Burger..When they say is huge, it was realy had like everything!! From egg, bacon, beetroot, beef burger, chicken shnitzel, potatoes and I swear to god no way anyone can eat the whole thing in one bite!! I had to divide it into 3 just to eat it!!! and the amount of wedges that came with about stuffed!!!! (and is supposedly for one person!)...John had the Moulin-Roo (I thought the name was kinda cute and fitting) actually smelled pretty good...kangaroo meat steak with dunno what sauce..haha...Food-wise this pub really got some good meals...well recomended!!!

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