Monday, February 12

Catching Up With Heng Khuen & The Good Old Times

Note: Had a lab meeting today..atleast my presentation went alrite...Supervisor wants to start this thing called a journal club every week now (where we have to read a scientific paper every week and discuss about it!!!) shit talk about there goes another 1 hour of my week gone for work!!!

Still in Melbourne...after a bogan-fied dinner the day before with Mary, next day was the AHMRC conference day!!! me conferences are really not my cup of tea except for the trade display where I believe in the get everything for free part....but sitting in for a conference is just boring at times...although there are exceptions...hehe woke up late went for the conference just in time for morning tea (damn these cheapskates Melbournian only gave us cookies...i was hoping for scones!!!!)...but atleast managed to get some free stuffs..haha pens mostly...

For lunch (after sneaking out halfway of a talk which was so boring anyway), went out with Heng Khuen...whom I haven't met like in ages!!! 6 years??? since i never seen him after IMU days....but was so good to catch up with him!!! (yes I had to dig out the photo from my room because I didn't take pic with Heng Khuen in Melbourne!!!)...good to catch up with him..went to this Italian place for lunch where they sell good cheap and square pizza...and get to put 2 flavours in one pizza...I love it!! so cheesy..just what I need to make me more sleepy for later when I go back for my while having lunch we were busy chatting away like old times...gossiping about ppl, bitching about ppl (haha seriusly), talking about life etc etc....

After lunch Heng Khuen was nice enuff to drive me around Melbourne since I won't be staying long there and just took a slow drive to St Kilda beach....went back to his house for me to "pat" around...before he drove me back for my dreaded poster presentation (which sucks lah since didn't win the AUD 8K prize money..but I was like so over it before it even started I really couldn't give any shits!!!!!) ah well...I'm over conference for the time being..unless I get a nice far away international conference soon...hmmmmmm

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