Thursday, February 8

Cooking Weekend

Note: Will be baking my CNY cookies this weekend!!! hmmmm what shall I make...The war with the pineapple shall begin soon

This post is a little bit backdated....but I can gurantee you I've tried both the dishes and I can label it as success...

First of the cooking weekend, kimchi making....had to soak it overnight in brine water...haha cute leh my modified version of soaking??? and please do notice my extreme hard work in shredding the radish!!! talk about aching arms later!!!! and for what?? just to prepare the kimchi for Mandy. She said my last kimchi too sweet, not spicy and not sour enuff....(I tried this just a few days ago after 2 weeks cuz, I can gurantee you is no more sweet and is really kinda spicy now...sour part haha trust me it would be more than sour enuff by June!!!!) now just thinking how to wrap it up to bring in back to KL in June...hmmmm

Second part of the cooking was mango cheap ok the big box for 4 bucks!!!! haha mangoes galore!! (but I'm so bloody sick of mangoes dun want to see another mango for a while!!!!)...2nd time trying it (1st time everything was right except it didn't solidify I had to drink the mango supposed pudding..happened a year ago)...this time everything was good....haha I calculated I used 8 mangoes in one round to make 6 bowls of mango pudding (aiks.....more than 1 mango in a bowl!!!) no wonder I'm feeling so sick of mangoes.... but is so super yummy with super loads of milk!!!!!!

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