Thursday, February 22

The Huge Difference Between Sweet & Sour

Note: Went with Kaka yesterday to walk Kirin....and I realised walking dog is a damn good way to meet cute guys!!!! saw one cute gwailo yesterday (yes the fact that I'm saying gwailo cute is a miracle)

Backdated post 8th November 2006

After dinner at Jacksons on George, we then headed to go and fetch Su En (our tour guide from Korea)....then we decided to bring her to the Sydney Opera House to have a drink at the Opera Bar.....yes nice sceneries by the water sipping our yummy cocktail...oh wait is only my cocktail that was yummily sweet....Heidi's one is just super super sour!!!!! But I really like the design of the pretty here....and the bartender was really nice..gave me extra chocalate to eat too...ahhhhh

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